Arena shows actually made money!

By: Diane Benjamin

Both of these shows were re-schedules from before Covid was a thing. One is listed as a rental, the other was co-produced meaning the City of Bloomington wasn’t assuming all the risk. Co-producing also means the profit is much less, but at least both show a profit.

I had to FOIA both reports, showing profits should have been a celebration. It wasn’t. Other than IHSA sports, no other events are scheduled. Hockey and football both died.

I show Grossinger Motors signed the naming rights agreements in 2017. It is $175,000 a year for 5 years. That means is expires soon. Will they renew it?

Maybe an alderman will ask.

One thought on “Arena shows actually made money!

  1. Grossinger Motors is no more in BN. It is now Bloomington Normal Auto Mall owned by Leader Automotive, so it is doubtful it will continue with Grossinger, and if they choose the latter it sure doesnt roll off the tongue easily. The city should reach out to State Farm, Rivian, or Brandt for naming rights. They’ve got plenty money to burn, dont they?

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