Community Players goes woke

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Did you hear the UK will no longer require masks anywhere, including schools?

Anybody who remotely follows the news knows Omicron has been very short lived in countries that got it first. (South Africa and UK)

Some people haven’t heard being vaccinated doesn’t prevent getting Covid.

Community Players is one of them. They aren’t doing a show until March but they have already decided only people who have a vax card and ID will be allowed to attend.

Do they know it’s racist to show an ID? (See the Democrat Party talking points)

Need an ID to attend a play but not to vote. Brilliant.

“Those planning on attending should bring their physical vaccination card (or a picture of your card on your phone) and a valid state issued driver’s license or ID in order to be allowed entry to the theatre. This is in addition to being masked at all times while in the Theatre.

This policy also applies to our upcoming 100th Season Announcement party on January 22. Learn more about that event here. If you have already purchased tickets for this event and are unable to follow these guidelines, please contact [email protected] by January 19 for a refund.

Future shows in our 99th season will be evaluated as the performance dates get closer, however please expect this policy to remain in effect indefinitely.








7 thoughts on “Community Players goes woke

  1. Good to see the totalitarians’ mass psychosis machine is still working quite well here. Israel is on its 4th Booster and there is still no sign that they will beat the dreaded COVID variants. It’s almost like the vaccine doesn’t work and even makes things worse? But you should definitely get tested every day of the week and get as many “boosters” as you can get. What is the worst thing that can happen?

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  2. I’m sure all 3 of their regular attendees will have had their vaccines and umpteen boosters by then. This has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with virtual signaling, pandering, and tribal politics.

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  3. No surprise here, theater people are notoriously not that bright. But they are cunning experts at wasting other people’s money if they can get it. And you can bet there were a few taxpayer dollars with jab strings attached behind this “policy.” Same playbook with schools or any other entity who gets public funding. While I respect anyone’s right to try whatever they want to protect their health, I would NEVER sit in auditorium exclusively full of people who have had some experimental juice injected into them, mask or no. I don’t know what’s in it. THEY don’t know what’s in it. The consent form they signed to get those shots is hair-raising. It’s all a big secret and, frankly, no badly acted production of MAMMA MIA will get me to take the risk of them shedding their “experiment” onto me in a crowd. Harsh? Maybe. Sometimes the truth is.


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