Unit 5, District 87, Pontiac schools SUED

These school districts will be served today, parents filed yesterday in Sangamon County on behalf of their children.

Unit 5 school Board called a special meeting for tomorrow, 4:30 at Normal West.

Masks will soon be optional.

Credit to: https://www.angels4freedom.com/

4 thoughts on “Unit 5, District 87, Pontiac schools SUED

  1. This is very good news. Curt Richardson needs to go. Not a good attorney. Sad thing is my 16 year old may not take it off because of PEER pressure. It’s mainly kids telling kids to pull masks up. They drank the Kool-aid. They are brainwashed.

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  2. The attorney let his politics influence his advice for Unit 5 to ignore the TRO. Since the administration wanted to force the masking they overlooked his illogical reasoning. They are now realizing over 500 other schools district attorneys are going a different route and I predict will be doing a 180. Richardson will keep his job because there is never accountability for those on the left in B/N.

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  3. So it has now come to light that the Unit 5 school board will vote on 2/16 to go mask optional starting 2/21. If that isn’t a tacit admission that these last 2 years have been nothing but a bunch of bs I don’t know what does. Apparently the virus knows what day of the week it is too. Is this their last little bit of power and control over the students? Are they waiting for the ruling from the Illinois Court of Appeals? Is this their nod to ol’ jb and their leftist progressive marxists friends? Who knows. But this I do know. We will not soon forget what they have done and are doing. I say tell your children to burn their masks Wednesday night and go to school breathing free on Thursday. (That is, if you haven’t already burned them.)

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