Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

I don’t plan to watch this meeting live tonight. I will be here instead:

See the packet, it’s going to be a long meeting:

A few highlights:

  • Ward 1 gets a replacement alderman – Grant Walch. I know zero about him.
  • Bloomington is finally getting around to replacing the building that burned down at Lake Bloomington over 3 years ago: What have they been doing for three years without it?
  • Find out what streets are getting fixed – it isn’t nearly enough because streets are not a priority! I was in Wisconsin this weekend where the weather is much worse and they have wonderful roads. Illinois has spending priorities that aren’t yours. Gas ranged from $4.04 – $4.19 there, $4.45 here.
  • Bloomington wants to hire a manager for the BCPA and the Coliseum. Hope springs eternal or the plan is to subsidize losses. Meanwhile, even the BCPA shows I’ve FOIA’d (all losses) aren’t posted on the City website. Zero transparency.

I might watch part tomorrow.

I wonder if any Public Comments or Mollie herself will mention this? Does she know the Supreme Court decision has no affect in Illinois?

11 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

  1. Mollie is a Pastor? How interesting. I would if leftist progressive marxist democrat heads would explode if Pastors from certain other churches ran for election as Alderman. Hey wait a minute. What about the separation of church and state the leftists constantly scream about? Or do rules only apply to certain people?

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    1. Oh come on you know the answer to that. Yes they would be apoplectic if a non progressive minister/pastor/reverend even ran for anything let alone WON, and as you also know, like anything else, it’s only ok when THEY do it. Funny thing is, they really don’t even understand what separation of church and state actually means they just start Reeeee-ing as soon as anything that might be Judeo-Christian in nature is even mentioned or if a person in public office just might look to their faith when making decisions.

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    2. Leftists have no understanding of the clause. It just means the state will not establish a state religion, like the Church of England. I argued with a far left co- worker about it that thought she was the smartest person on the planet. Went to a private East Coast girls college and masters from U of I. Had no understanding of the Constitution, civics or history. She was probably in front of the courthouse with Ward.


  2. This should be talked about… it’s a secret that has 117,690 views from May 7, 2022 on a YouTube channel that has 4.99 million subscribers. Don’t tell any of the folks here in town about this. I had one tell me the other day that Rivian was like a baby and we need to give it time to grow up. Really, Riivian is like a baby. You can’t make this stuff up… Maybe it’s the vaccine clogging up all the brain capillaries in these folks making them even dumber?

    Ford Just Lost Billions on Rivian and May Be Going Bust

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  3. Right on Trouble, Scotty know his cars. No bull, ya gotta love this guy.
    From an earlier post. Meanwhile on the far west si-eed, Rivian shares tumble. Ford is looking to dump 8 million shares and other insiders 13-15 million shares. YTD shares have fallen 70% Ouch! Heres a link for curious minds.
    Can you say, more econimic fall out coming soon to Normal theatre? Ahh, the King Koos Klan snaf-fools again

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    1. Thanks, Old Stanky! I subscribe to Zerohedge but I didn’t see that gem. I can find nothing in the Pantagraph about this at all… maybe I just missed it? Nothing to see here… move along citizens. So… I am thinking the stock will be hitting about $15 a share by the end of the week. I hope that the Rivian cool-aid drinkers here bought a lot of stock in this “smoke and mirrors” company. In less than 5 months the stock lost 70% of its value! LMAO at the fools and cretins here…


      1. “Meanwhile, JPMorgan is selling a block of 13 million to 15 million Rivian shares for an unknown seller, CNBC reported. The unknown seller could be Amazon, which owns about 18% of Rivian, or about 158 million shares, and was an early investor in the company.”

        So is Amazon bailing on these boys? I think they are…


    2. According to other publications, the Amazon agreement was written giving the full advantage to Amazon. Amazon could pull out of the agreement in two to three years if not satisfied with the product. With Bezos no longer connected, Amazon has even more options to pull out. The IPO, like most stocks, is fairy dust. Rivian just assigned itself a value and rolled with it. Soros is also involved in buying alot of stock.


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