Please Sign Today!

By: Diane Benjamin

Go to this website, watch the video, then sign the petition. You don’t have to be a parent, kids need your signature to stop this grooming in local Public Schools.

Next year any school board member who doesn’t stop grooming needs replaced. Kids only get one chance at an education, you pay for the best education and the kids aren’t getting it!

5 thoughts on “Please Sign Today!

  1. Signed. Schools and staff have been pushing this stuff in quiet ways for years. Same ones getting large pensions with increases yearly

    Spent 20 plus years watching it.

    Exploiting and creating liberals is what schools get the big bucks for. In the name of mentoring our kids and molding them.

    Ironic taxes increase for this.

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  2. I attended the meeting last night Diane. I was appalled at what I heard about the Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum. It is actionably illegal pornography *anywhere* except within the walls of a public school or library. It is pure evil. They intend to teach kids who are not even old enough to have sexual feeling what those feelings are, how to satisfy them with anyone and how to talk about them with their peers.

    Their mantra is “Sex Education for Social Change”. Well its not the society that I want to live in for sure. Our children are in grave danger from these wolves and don’t even know it.

    1% of the population is transgender, 4% are gay but the state wants to indoctrinate the 99-96% of our kids on it as if it is mainstream behavior, all the while ignoring the fact that they can’t do basic math, science or language arts.

    Some good news on alternatives maybe –
    They would need –
    1. A building, preferably a church
    2. Around 200-250 families with students
    3. Teachers, which apparently is not so hard to find. Some are parents who have been home schooling their kids. they get free tuition. Seems like a good idea. They don’t earn as much as regular teachers – 20K to 25K / year. But then a parent who home schools doesn’t earn anything.
    4. Tuition is lower than most private schools. He quoted around $4,000 per year.

    The scholastic standards are high and focus on Christian ethics, the family and basic education without the social/emotional/sexual malarkey. They use a well known curriculum but I didn’t write it down.

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  3. The presentation last night was extremely informative and very eye opening. Too many parents are still unaware of what is going on in schools. The indoctrination in all areas is extremely troubling. Their ultimate goal is to destroy Childhood Innocence and destabilize children. Academic excellence is no longer the objective of schools. I encourage everyone to Homeschool their children or enroll them in a private school. If you are reading this and know someone with children in public school, please tell them if they are unaware. Also, the presentation about GRACE schools was wonderful. We need to find a location in BN to open a GRACE school.

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  4. Listen to The Morning Buzz with Cat this morning on Cities 92.9 for coverage of District Five’s proposal and read the story that should be posted by 11:00 on the website then attend tonight’s board meeting.

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