Pics taken Sunday

By: Diane Benjamin

Electricity and gas bills are going to increase because of the War on Fossil Fuels called Climate Change. The war is really to prove capitalism doesn’t work, the far left hates the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Big government wants to control your life, not let you decide how to live it.

Progressives want you to pay more for electricity generated by wind and solar. Wind uses fossil fuels. Solar panels are mostly made in China. Cheap energy helps all levels of the economy. A prosperous population doesn’t need big government.

Recession is imminent, so are brown outs. Blame the real reason: Big government bureaucrats promoting the Climate Change hoax.

These pictures are from the field east of Bloomington. It was built around 2005-2006 and is nearing the end of it’s useful life as evidenced by oil leaking from many of them. Drive down Route 9, these are obvious. Turn south on Leroy-Lexington blacktop, leaking oil is everywhere.

9 thoughts on “Pics taken Sunday

  1. So once they have reached the wind turbines stop functioning, who dismantles them and what happens to all the parts.

    1. They are not recyclable so they go in landfills after being individually hauled be a diesel fueled 18-wheeler

    1. Diesel the last looked was $5.19. I filled up my truck and it was over $100. The Democrats are bankrupting this country. Printing money bushel baskets full and handing it out right and left. I look for a recession next.

  2. I heard the county board approved another solar farm in Dale Township. I knew there was one along I-74 between Bloomington and Downs. All I could hear was raving about how much electricity it would produce. So why no reduction in electricity rates then if all this “green” technology is so fantastic?

    I was reading an article just the other day were power companies were balking at paying owners of solar panels who fed excess produced electricity back into the grid. Providers wanted payments reduced or eliminated.

    At least with solar panel farms they aren’t hideous looking wind turbines polluting the sky.

    Another news headline I saw it told what high percentage of EV charging stations in San Francisco I believe it was didn’t work.

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