COVID cases are meaningless now

By: Diane Benjamin

Any mention of COVID cases is now fear porn.

Notice anything? Viruses always weaken, COVID is weakening. Any talk to the contrary is to scare people. Mail in ballots will be pushed again, seen 2000 mules? You would understand why if you did.

(Maybe people have just realized hospitals don’t use treatments that actually work?)

6 thoughts on “COVID cases are meaningless now

  1. Fear porn was exactly what it was. People died because they weren’t allowed to receive effective treatment that would have saved lives. They needed to boost the c○v¡D death numbers to keep their charade going. At this point we all need to commit to saying NEVER AGAIN! Never wear a mask, never close your business, never close a church, EVER.

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    1. Fear porn? Isn’t that what you’re doing? Claiming people died from the vaccines is misinformation. People weren’t allowed to receive effective treatment? Yes, they were but COV-19 was very deadly for those who refused to get vaccinated when vaccines were available. Ivermectin is totally useless against COV-19. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, adaptive platform trial involving symptomatic SARS-CoV-2–positive adults. In this randomized trial, the administration of ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital or prolonged emergency department observation for Covid-19 among outpatients at high risk for serious illness. Unfortunately, the promotion of ivermectin, when other effective therapies were available, has likely resulted in the deaths of many Americans.

      Saying that masks and vaccines do not work also lead to the deaths of a lot of people. Apparently you don’t want to do anything for the common good of anyone else, which is incredibly selfish. That’s what this is all about being as selfish as possible and not caring who dies. There are Omicron sub-variants, like BA.4 and BA.5, meaning the pandemic is not over.


      1. I just don’t even know where to start. I know there are people like Mr. Boulware out there I see them, in their cars, alone, or walking alone, with their precious masks still firmly in place. It’s truly sad what the constant propaganda has done to some people, but maybe they were right there on that edge anyway and the constant fear porn just pushed them over. The ONLY reason they are hyping up the Rona again is to use it for pushing “safe and secure” (LOL LOL LOL) “mail in voting” and “drop boxes” to the trembling few still out there so that they can use it to try and pull off yet ANOTHER massive election steal since even they are well aware that their grip on their usually faithful is weakening and they are losing people every day. Yes I do think David needs to see 2000 Mules, but he might be so far gone that he’ll say all of that was totally normal and, well, he’s right, to the Left, it’s totally normal, they just went WAY too far this time, but then, they had to in order to pull it off.
        On the Rona thing – does David even realize that now it’s the vaxxed to max people who are the ones most often testing positive? Does he even know that millions of UN-vaxxed people have had Covid and only had mild symptoms? Does he even take note of all the sudden heart problems in young vaxxed people many of them professional level athletes? Is he aware of all of the people who are just dropping dead on soccer fields/pitches, basketball courts, etc? Does he know that even “they” have had to pull the clot-shot injection because of so many people experiencing blood clots who never had a propensity towards clotting BEFORE they got injected? Oh and bonus info here David – The tests themselves are faulty, they always were, from the get-go, all by design to bolster those “cases” numbers that they needed for their fear porn so they could have the “case numbers” up on TV 24/7 as if it was something like the Baseball/Football scores. He also needs to look deeply into Event 201 but I’m sure he’s so far gone he won’t see anything fishy about that either.

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  2. And now we get this from the FDA!
    FDA Admits Hard Facts about COVID-19
    Basically it says we should treat Covid like the flu. Seems I remember someone that goes by the name Trump saying that 2 years ago!

    Thank-you FDA. You continue to prove your worthlessness as a scientific organization and your value to politics.
    But after all who’s your daddy FDA?

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