Tonight: CSE – get facts

By: Diane Benjamin

Angels4Freedom Free Public Meeting tonight 6 -7:30pm. 

Focus Topic “Dumbing Down our Schools through SEL (social emotional learning)”. 

An in-depth look into HR, CRT, and CSE and Opt-out forms. Goal is to get Opt-out form for every child then they won’t have a class to teach. 

Meeting location G.E/Union Park Clubhouse, 1750 General Electric Road 6pm. 

4 thoughts on “Tonight: CSE – get facts

  1. Normal west wouldn’t accept our CRT/CSE opt out form. We were told we had to use the district provided one. To get one we have to email the principal David Johnson and have a meeting with the health teacher about the curriculum. It seems they are making it difficult. We will be sending our form to David Johnson certified mail.

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  2. If you’re not homeschooling or sending your children to unit5, please attend. If you are unaware of what they are doing in these schools you’ll be surprised.

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