For Parents:

The article below is from a newsletter sent by FLAG – Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness. The founder is a legal immigrant and now citizens Nick Adams. He grew up in Australia wanting to be an American. His website is His mission is to teach kids what the schools aren’t. America is the […]

Tonight: CSE – get facts

By: Diane Benjamin Angels4Freedom Free Public Meeting tonight 6 -7:30pm.  Focus Topic “Dumbing Down our Schools through SEL (social emotional learning)”.  An in-depth look into HR, CRT, and CSE and Opt-out forms. Goal is to get Opt-out form for every child then they won’t have a class to teach.  Meeting location G.E/Union Park Clubhouse, 1750 […]

Public Education Collapse: Visual

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 School Board meeting last night after the Board approved teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education in 8th and 9th grades: Sex Education will remain the same next school year for 8th grade, a new curriculum will be used for 9th grade. Everyone will be able to see what is being taught on […]