Unit 5 didn’t opt out of comprehensive sexual education

By: Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t opt your children out of the new sex ed curriculum, below is what they may be learning in 8th grade.

See the new national sexualizing your kids standards here: https://advocatesforyouth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/NSES-2020-web.pdf

Jeanne Ives included the below in her Breakthrough Ideas newsletter. This is courtesy of SB 818 passed by the Illinois legislature. See who voted to sexualize your kids here: https://www.breakthrough-ideas.com/sb818

8 thoughts on “Unit 5 didn’t opt out of comprehensive sexual education

  1. The sure did choose to Opt In, when they could have easily chosen to Opt Out. Most school districts across the state chose to Opt Out. The Unit 5 school board and Superintendent Kristen unanimously chose to Opt In. These people are irresponsible and vote in lock step as I’m sure they are instructed to do. No straying from the agenda is allowed. Don’t be fooled by Kristen’s voice. She is more interested in advancing the agenda than in properly educating our children in spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Indoctrination and brainwashing are now the priority. By the way, how ethical is it for Kristen to campaign for a ballot referendum on school property with money from the district?

  2. Wow! This is one of the creepiest things I’ve read in a while. I’m no prude, but why would this be taught in grades as low Kindergarten??? How about working on things we used to learn in school? Math, English, History, etc.

  3. So you want kids who are in the 8th grade not to know about condoms. Kids in 8th grade are not stupid and are quite capable of having sex.
    So according to the pearl clutching prudes, no kid should have access how to easily and effectively to not get pregnant and and how to prevent sexuality transmitted diseases. by using condoms. Pure stupidity.

  4. Do not fool yourselves parents- you can’t opt out. Unit 5 teachers and Administrators are chomping at the bit to demonstrate how to put a condom on in front of your kid. You think a paper you signed is gonna stop them?? Your kids belong to them, not you. PULL THEM OUT NOW BEFORE YOU ARE HEARING FROM YOUR KID HOW THE MUSIC TEACHER MADE YOUR KID PUT A CONDOM ON HIM. And don’t vote for Krystle Able. She loves comprehensive sex education and just got two of her kids back from DCFS last December after not having them for ten years. Stand up for your kids. Say no to Unit 5 and NO to Krystle Unable (to make decisions for her kids, your kids or our County).

  5. Groups of 3? Will there be anatomically correct mannequins for practice or are they going to practice on each other? Tweens are so self-conscious. This exercise is totally insensitive to the emotional level of the age group.

  6. For those of you behind the curve, public schools are now more interested in “Gender Affirming.” They are teaching children that male/female, boy/girl, man/woman is just used by parents and doctors to discriminate against people who “identify as” one of the other 100 “genders.” They are being told they can “choose” their gender. At a time in their lives when children are most vulnerable and the most impressionable, the schools are influencing them by encouraging them to explore all these other “gender” possibilities. In addition, they prefer to EXCLUDE the Parents of these children, and come between the parents and the child. If you have not already done so, Homeschool your children or send them to Private School.

  7. Next stop –

    Sex Club – Meets Friday’s at 4:00 in room 123. Condoms and preferred partners will be provided if you don’t have your own. Try out the latest Comprehensive Sex Education material.
    Pornography Book Club members welcomed.

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