Normal West Parents:

By: Diane Benjamin

Did you get this email?

Greetings Wildcats!

You are being contacted in hopes you might allow your student to participate in a research study being conducted by Tyra Jackson at ISU. If your adolescent chooses to participate, they will be asked to complete a 5-minute online survey and a few activities during an in-person session that will take about 15 minutes. After completion of all activities, all students will receive a $15 gift card.

If you are interested in having your adolescent sign up,  click here for additional information about the study.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Tyra Jackson, B.S.

Doctoral Candidate  

Illinois State University

“Click here” takes you to this link:

Problems I see:

  • Parents will know the purpose of the study, the participants aren’t suppose to know. Anyone believe the kids won’t know?
  • The researcher is trying to determine how what amounts to micro-aggressions effect learning. The results will promote division. Kids are easily offended when no offense was intended, their coping skills change daily. Answers to the questions asked could easily change depending on how the participants feel the day they answered the questions.
  • Different questions (or additional ones) will be asked to “People of Color”?

Read the second paragraph. Will non-“People of Color” be eliminated from the study after the first 5 minute survey?

Remember when America strove to be a color-blind society? Remember when character was all that mattered? The majority of people still want that America. Does the Doctorial Candidate believe color-blind is racism? That’s what BLM spews.

Is this researcher trying to find proof the above never worked using kids?

Why don’t researchers ever study kids who don’t care about color? How do they navigate the teen years without crumbling into tears on the floor because of perceived micro-aggressions?

I purposely didn’t post excerpts from the link. The person doing the research is a doctoral candidate. ISU has been promoting division with micro-aggressions for years. Most people just call them life.

Being offended is voluntary. People who want to be offended will be.

This project might be nothing but a blame game. The link claims the results “may” be published. They should be published if your kids are being used for the results.





5 thoughts on “Normal West Parents:

  1. I hope every parent does not allow their child to be used this way. I would politely tell them what they can do with their survey.

  2. Microaggressions – indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group.

    This ISU student could have a very lucrative future in the Equity Industry. At this point though I don’t know how she would deal with already ingrained biases. I’m sure all the students of all identities already know what the research is looking for.

    The Equity Industry has survived this long by bullying frightened school administrators *and students* using the constant drum beat of “your schools, your teachers, your students and your curriculum are systemically bigoted”.
    Unbelievably the Equity Industry’s solution is to use the very thing they claim is the problem, as the solution.

    Who gets disciplined and for what? Who gets enrolled in advanced courses? What history is taught? Where is the budget spent? How are grades determined? Who gets hired? Who gets laid off or fired? Who must attend special training? Who hasn’t admitted their true identity and properly acted on it?

    “Seeing through the lens of equity” has an answer for all these questions and it starts with looking at the shade of your skin, your religion your body size, shape, your chosen sex….. an ever-expanding list of oppressors and victims.

    Will there then be a study on microaggressions against white kids once Equity begins to be rolled out in actual practice? No, not until the oppressors have been sufficiently marginalized.

      1. A poll was done on Nextdoor asking parents of the districts kids if they had heard of Unit 5’s Equity Action Plan. Only about 1/4th of those responding (160) said they had heard of it. I imagine a fair amount of those parents were unit 5 teachers so the actual number would be smaller.

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