Road Trip Gas prices

by: Diane Benjamin

Hudson Il on Sunday:

20 miles north of the Illinois border – Clinton Wisconsin Friday:

Belvidere Il – Sunday. Unleaded $3.95 (south of the above)

Costco was by far the winner:

Other area stations were at $3.389. We didn’t see any gas over $3.60 anywhere in Wisconsin.

Both the Wisconsin Sales Tax Rate and Motor Fuel Tax rate is less in Wisconsin than Illinois. The roads are better there however.






6 thoughts on “Road Trip Gas prices

  1. Just wait until after the election, Illinois gas prices will take a spike. Also, with government pushing EV sales, there will be a panic at some point as taxes on motor fuels disappear and the combustion engine is replaced by EVs. Government will put large road taxes on future EV charges to make up the loss of the motor fuel tax. Just looking ahead…

  2. One might wonder if we may have corrupt politicians in ILLINOIS? WHERE DOES ALL OUR TAX DOLLARS GO? Well at least, I got Pritzers check in the mail. I guess he thinks this will persuade me to vote for him. Ha!

  3. Same leaving the state to the south. Illinois gas is expensive, and it’s not the cost of goods.

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