Public Education Collapse: Visual

By: Diane Benjamin

Unit 5 School Board meeting last night after the Board approved teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education in 8th and 9th grades:

Sex Education will remain the same next school year for 8th grade, a new curriculum will be used for 9th grade. Everyone will be able to see what is being taught on the Unit 5 website and parents can opt the children out. Kristen Weikle claimed students requested Equity Health Education. I suggest parents review the actual material, not what Unit 5 chooses to post.

Once you know where the National Standards originated it’s easy to demand schools reject Comprehensive Sexual Education. Listen to Christine Davis, founder of Parents need to join this group, the School Board voted unanimously for CSE even though they could have opted out. This is more proof Unit 5 doesn’t need more money, spending it on CSE harms your children and they are spending money they didn’t have to. Hint: the porn industry was involved in creating the standards.

Also listen to this retired teacher. Either the School Board needs replaced next year or parents must take their children out of Public Schools. Schools are collapsing faster than the table did in the first video. 9th graders will be taught sexual gratification.

9 thoughts on “Public Education Collapse: Visual

  1. Priase God for these brave women on their history, comments on discerment and hearts to stand up to the political agendas and power grabs of kids minds and bodies and futures. Public Schools and boards have gone too far.

  2. Excellent speakers! Yet the Unit 5 school board voted unanimously to Approve CSE. They are opening a pandora’s box that will only harm children. Nothing good will come from this. Parents must choose to Opt Out of this garbage for their children. Better yet, Homeschool or private school. Please continue to push back and speak out. The next meeting is Wednesday June 15 at NCWHS at 6:30. Arrive early to sign up for public comment.

  3. This is a consequence of elections and foolishly thinking government cares what parents think.

    Don’t like teachers getting off on showing your kids how to masterbate and how to sexually gratify each other regardless of their gender? Run for school board. Every seat needs changed. Then vote to eliminate CSE and fire Weikle.

    Public comment is a waste of time when the board doesn’t care to hear your opinion anyway.

    1. Public Comment is NEVER a waste of time! It isn’t for elected officials, it is for proof of who needs replaced because voters don’t like their actions. Without it no opposition is ever heard.

  4. The collapse is evident even in the faces of the low level tyrants such as Weikle and other such board members. Study their body language. They don’t look happy. Their is no shine in their demeanor. They are not 100% convinced but they are on board to further their careers and pensions, just doing their job as told completely irrespective of their previous commitment to the kids.

  5. Weikle’s voice is a real fooler. She sounds like someone who would care about children, yet she clearly does not. She cares about her ridiculous $246,000.00 per year salary, and the leftist progressive marxist agenda they hired her to advance.

  6. There is a National group of parents who are taking schools back time for unit 5 parents to join

    1. That’s great! I can’t wait. These people couldn’t even effectively manage a hot dog stand, yet here they are making decisions for our children.

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