Fly on the Wall: Ridgeview Schools

Is bullying okay in Ridgeview schools?

Are parents too intimated to stand up for their kids?

How do parents expect their kids to get an education when teachers and students are allowed to bully?

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3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Ridgeview Schools

  1. I don’t see how parents couldn’t be intimidated given the state of Illinois and national affairs. As a grandparent of 7 in Unit 5 and D87 I don’t feel right about speaking out publicly. I keep my kids informed (thank you Diane for all the information you report!) but feel like its up to them to speak out if they want. I believe, and I think my kids believe, that their students could be bullied or possibly not graded fairly if their grandparents or parents spoke out at a public meeting. I’ve been to one public meeting and noticed that mostly retired aged adults were the speakers.

    I’m sure that the numbers that speak out are a small percentage of the total that are disappointed in the district’s actions. The districts should not gauge public sentiment by who speaks out publicly.


  2. Its SAD that this happens especially when they CONVICTED a music teacher of SEXUALLY ABUSING and FONDLING Students from this school. I guess that the school board, superintendent and principals really don’t care about the students safety and well being just as long as they get a paycheck.

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