Read between the lines

By: Diane Benjamin

See this Press Release for Gov. Pritzker:

This was issued after 2 bills related to sex education were signed: SB 818 and HB 24.

What you need to notice in this press release:

  • Sex education has been replaced by “Sexual” Education
  • Comprehensive Health Education is more “inclusive”

If you don’t know the difference between sex education and sexual education, start researching. “Inclusive” is your first clue.

More important is: Parents can choose to opt out.

All school districts could have chosen to opt out. See “voluntary” in the text. The local districts didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Read between the lines

  1. It would have been better if they gave the option to opt in. Then they would really see how few would do so.

  2. I have the Opt Out form. If you’d like to have for your blog I’d be happy to get it to you.

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