Monday: American Rescue Plan Bucks

By: Diane Benjamin

If you don’t know inflation is caused by the printing of money the Feds handed out across the country, see if Heartland offers a basic economics course. (Too much money chasing too few goods)

Both Bloomington and Normal are meeting on Monday. Bloomington is holding a Committee of the Whole Meeting to talk about two things:

  • How to spend what’s left of the American Rescue Plan money
  • Hear a presentation on myBloomington App

I hope Bloomington is smart enough not to create any unstainable programs that will burden taxpayers when the money runs out.

Meanwhile, Normal wants to hand Connect Transit $200,000 a year with some of their American Rescue Plan money.

Bloomington agenda:

Normal agenda:

I wonder if anyone on the Normal Town Council will ask why the Town has bids out for ADA compliance at Uptown Circle?

Will anyone ask why the Town requested another $6 million for the underpass? Maybe Koos will announce Durbin got him the money. When the nicest amenities belong to government, it proves who takes from you because they can. Obviously their needs come before mundane things like roads.

5 thoughts on “Monday: American Rescue Plan Bucks

  1. It seems it you who need a course in economics. Inflation is not caused by “printing” money. In fact the current inflation is caused by the pandemic. Supply chains were shut down during the pandemic, when markets reopened, supply did not keep up with demand.Also the current inflation is worldwide and not connect to any rescue plan.

    Also questioning your crack about roads. Isn’t the Underpass infrastructure, i.e. “roads”? Same with other infrastructure like Uptown Circle. Lot of smack talk from someone from Ellsworth.

  2. Enjoyed your response to GEEK…just goes to show everyone or I should say, some, are just ignorant!!!

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