WGLT silly story

By: Diane Benjamin


Listen to the actual interview. The reason given for McFarland rating higher than Knapp is because she is already a judge and Knapp isn’t. The few lawyers that responded thought Knapp held a political office.

Next look at the current sitting judges, two are past State’s Attorneys: Jason Chambers and Bill Yoder. Pablo Eves worked in the State’s Attorneys office.

McLean County has a long history of moving the State’s Attorney to judge. Remember Ron Dozier? He moved to judge and back to State’s Attorney when a vacancy needed temporarily filled.

McFarland may be qualified, but she should have run as a Democrat instead of a Republican. https://blnnews.com/2022/05/01/don-knapp-vrs-amy-mcfarland/

4 thoughts on “WGLT silly story

  1. Nothing surprising here. WGLT supports the most connected (usually translates to least ethical) candidate. The powers that be push this survey because it is inherently biased towards the powers that be – not a lot of lawyers have the integrity to say anything bad about a sitting judge, as that might be a (the?) factor that swings a case against them.
    Worst case, the judge is corrupt and vindictive and the outcome it obvious. But even if the judge is actually good, some cases are very close and that slight bias may supersede the option for a coin toss in the judges chambers. Or whatever specifics may apply in between.
    That’s why former judge Reynard got good reviews locally even when a wider review gave him the distinction of being one of the few judges (or was it the Only judge?).not recommended for retention at his last election.

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