Don Knapp vrs. Amy McFarland

By: Diane Benjamin

If this story wasn’t enough to help you decide who should be eliminated in the primary:

then, this will help.

Guess who donated $5000 to McFarland?

Trump hating, January 6th farce committee member, and soon to be former Congressman:

Adam Kinzinger

Check out the rest of the donations McFarland has received, at least a few names will be familiar.

Source of Kinzinger pic:

Why is the January 6th committee a joke? Because nobody has asked Pelosi why she refused Trump’s offer of 20,000 National Guard. In fact, no democrats have been questioned in the roll they played. It was always a witch-hunt, Adam is playing Pelosi’s stooge perfectly.







8 thoughts on “Don Knapp vrs. Amy McFarland

  1. I don’t know your feelings about Adam Kinsinger, but in my opinion, he’s the biggest “crybaby” in local politics. I voted for him once, but it’s the last time.  Ron 

  2. Where does a “servant of the people”, a nobody Congressman get $5000 to just throw away. Pelosi said it was impossible to live on $174,000 a year, yet he can donate 3%. Can he take a tax deduction?

  3. Thank you, Diane! I have experienced some questionable dealings from Ms McFarland, but also knew Don was not an ideal candidate. Thanks for making it clear which was the worse choice, and I urge everyone to not only vote accordingly June 28th, but spread the word to others!

  4. Adam trying to be a tyranical foreign affairs and local “champion and hero” in his own eyes. The disinformation king and apparently made enough money on our dime in “public service” to throw money at his alumni or favorites now. Wonder how much he gets paid by his daily spout off the mouth show. Too much.

    Too bad – hes an influencer in his own mind.

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