Democrat running as a Republican:

By: Diane Benjamin

Two “Republicans” will be on the June primary ballot for 11th Judicial Circuit Judge. “Republicans” is in quotes because one has never been seen at a Republican event before deciding getting elected as a Democrat isn’t possible in McLean County. (more on that in a minute)

One candidate filled out the statement of Candidacy right:

The other one didn’t:

What office is she running for? She didn’t say. Amy needs to hope Don Knapp is too busy today prosecuting criminals to challenge her filing – today is the last day to challenge.

If you need more proof McFarland isn’t a Republican, how do you feel about Adam Kinzinger? He gave her $5000! The Plumber and Pipefitters Local 99 gave her $1500. Progressive Jamison (Jamie) Mathy gave her $250.

You can look up all contributions to candidates on

Don Knapp has a lot more money than McFarland, he also has a lot more donations from individuals.

McFarland posted this on Facebook. If she is elected judge will criminals get off on technicalities because of her attention to details – like on her Statement of Candidacy?

One more that speaks volumes – the YWCA doesn’t honor conservatives. They honor Social Justice Warriors, in the criminal justice system that means soft on crime:

7 thoughts on “Democrat running as a Republican:

  1. I was surprised to see Amy running as a GOP because I always knew her as a Democrat. She is a nice person. I can’t run her personality down but she’s a Democrat & her associates point to that too. I’m voting for Knapp.

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