Normal could be pretty boring tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

See the packet here:

The weirdest thing on the agenda is Normal buying a house at 316 N. Glenn for $12,500. Besides being in Chris Koos’ neighborhood, the house is appraised for tax purposes at $22,119. That is 1/3 of the actual value. Property taxes haven’t been paid, over $9,600 of that $12,500 the seller will receive will be going to paying the taxes.

Normal wants to donate the property to a non-profit like Habitat of Humanity. Are tax payers going to get to pay to tear it down too? It currently has a sign posted on it: Not Approved for Occupancy.

The $12,500 will come from CDBG funds. The house has been vacant for years. There must be a story there, who abandons a house? Documents from the County Clerk show the current owner inherited the property.

Everything else on the agenda looks pretty mundane.

6 thoughts on “Normal could be pretty boring tonight

  1. Its going to cost another $20-30k to demo the house before they give it to a developer. Normal should not be in the house flipping houses with my tax money.


      1. I tried to give public comment before but the Town Manager refused to let me even sign up. I don’t want to get rejected again.


  2. I’ve read how they have treated you and watched what they do to Stan Nord. Until Pam Reece and Kris Koos are gone, I have no desire to beat myself up trying to talk to them. They don’t want to hear from anyone who thinks differently. It is their way or the highway.


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