November’s Constitutional Amendment made easy

By: Diane Benjamin

Democrats have put a Constitutional Amendment on the November ballot in Illinois. Reforming pensions (that are closing in on eating half of the State budget) isn’t on the ballot. Banning Right To Work that hands power to unions collecting those unaffordable pensions is on the ballot.

Here is how you know your vote has to be NO:

There is a group called Illinois Alliance For Retired Americans. Who they really represent are retired union members. They call themselves “progressives”, those are the same people who got Illinois into the mess we are in now with unaffordable pensions. This group is really there to protect their payday:

If you didn’t know, the local far left groups have mostly disbanded because of infighting. Social justice in who runs these organizations didn’t exist because once tasting power those wielding it didn’t want to give it away.

IARA does have a new organizer here, not much for her to do since she has nobody left to order around:

The new organizer is Krystle Able:

The Constitutional Amendment is on the ballot because Socialists put it there. I expect BIG money to be behind getting the vote out. Government union members need to make sure they get paid huge when they retire – start with 80% of their salary that increases 3% a year. By year 10 they earn more money than they did working.

They aren’t about protecting seniors unless they are in the union club. Everybody else can fork over taxes to payoff the unions. If this passes even more people will leave Illinois. Eventually the unions can fund each other because they will be the only ones left.

Remember to Vote NO

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5 thoughts on “November’s Constitutional Amendment made easy

  1. So tell us why you’re sitting on your fat ass pontificating about people who have worked hard? Who are your donors who pay you through your Paypal account? Don’t tell me you barely make any money. That’s a lie.


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