Surprised? They knew and let parents file lawsuits and fought them anyway!

By: Diane Benjamin

Parents and people who care about kids need to be on the email list. Today they dropped a bombshell.


BREAKING – Discovered via FOIA: In September 2021, the Governor’s office, The Attorney General’s office, the IL Education Association (teacher union), Sangamon County State’s Attorney, and educational leadership throughout the state ALL knew that schools could NOT quarantine student’s without a court order.

This email proves everyone knew your kids couldn’t be quarantined without following the law. They sent your kids home anyway. They let parents fund lawsuits anyway. They knew the truth. See the link above for more information and the Call To Action. EVIL can not be allowed to continue in Public Schools! Pritzker can not be re-elected, he knew too.

One thought on “Surprised? They knew and let parents file lawsuits and fought them anyway!

  1. That’s the tyranny that so many politicians have become especially in the state of Hellinois. They don’t care what the law is. Go ahead and sue us, they say. We’ve got the peoples’ purse and we’ll outlast you. Dam the laws.

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