Unit 5 meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin

The Board did not discuss any part of the Comprehensive Sexuality agenda. They called the agenda items “first reading”. Next meeting will be “second reading”.

The meeting started with recognitions of the Grove Chess team that won State, quite an accomplishment. Highschool Esports teams also won state. A large number of young authors were also recognized. Each supposedly talked about their writings, the Live Stream and the room couldn’t hear a word they said since a microphone wasn’t used.

The Unit 5 consultant for Community Engagement, Ed Sullivan, presented the findings from round 1. Only 175 completed the survey, over 60% claimed they would pay more. The good news was lots of people mentioned prioritizing academics and dropping the gender stuff. He also said the District needs to explain future revenues from the Uptown TIF, Rivian, and rising property values.

He mentioned some people thought the District would be getting $154 million when the Uptown TIF ended. I’d love to know who started that one! The actual amount is likely a little over $1 million.

Listen to Ed Sullivan at 1:08:00. Public comment starts at 40:50 – some good ones!

The consultant has scheduled more community meetings:

2 thoughts on “Unit 5 meeting last night

  1. Public Engagement sessions kinda reminds me of what they used to call Charettes. You know, charettes, charades? Pre-determined outcomes littered with a few quotes from the peasants to to deceive authenticity.


  2. Dr. Weikle did make a comment about the Comprehensive Sex curriculum. She said that misinformation from social media has stated that the curriculum will be for K-12, but according to her it is only 8th and 9th grades
    When a speaker corrected her by sighting the standards that will be applied next year for all grades, she shook her head no. As in next year it will not be for all grades.
    Who is right?

    I was disappointed at the turn out of parents for this issue. I counted maybe about 7 that I knew of.

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