Degenerate Illinois!

By: Diane Benjamin

Do you want the opposite sex in any restroom with you?

Dads: When will you care enough about your daughters to stand up? Males competing against them in sports wasn’t enough?

It looks like Witness Slips can not be filed. How low will Illinois go? I doubt this is the bottom! Legalizing phedophilia can’t be far off.

Synopsis of HB 1286 in the Illinois House

Amends the Equitable Restrooms Act. Provides that, notwithstanding any other provision of law, any multiple-occupancy restroom may be identified as an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom and designated for use by any person of any gender. Requires that an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom must include specified signage, stall dividers, and partitions for urinals. Provides that any multiple-occupancy restroom may be converted into an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom. Provides that, if a facility commences construction, or commences alterations exceeding 50% of the facility, and implements an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom, the all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom must satisfy or include specified requirements. Requires certain newly constructed or previously existing restrooms to be designated as all-gender multiple-occupancy restrooms. Provides that when plumbing fixtures in a facility must meet female-to-male ratio requirements, each individual fixture in an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom may be counted toward the required number of either female or male toilet stalls. Provides that if a fixture is counted toward the minimum required fixtures for females, that same fixture shall not also be counted toward the minimum required fixtures for males, and if a fixture is counted toward the minimum required fixtures for males, that same fixture shall not also be counted toward the minimum required fixtures for females. Provides that during any inspection of a facility by a health officer, health inspector, or building inspector, the health officer, health inspector, or building inspector may inspect the facility to determine whether it complies with the provisions. Requires the Department of Public Health to adopt rules to implement the provisions. Defines “multiple-occupancy restroom”. Contains other provisions. Makes other changes. Effective immediately.

14 thoughts on “Degenerate Illinois!

  1. “Dads: When will you care enough about your daughters to stand up? Males competing against them in sports wasn’t enough?”
    Great question. When will these fathers care enough to attend school board meetings and speak during public comment?
    I was able to submit a Witness Slip.
    REMEMBER THE STATED GOAL: Destroy Childhood Innocence and Destabilize Children.
    Parents. Either Homeschool your children, which is the best alternative, or send them to Private School. If you cannot do either of these, then for the sake of your children MUSTER UP THE COURAGE TO DEFEND YOUR CHILDREN. If you don’t, what good are you?

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  2. Republicans are nitwits. They complain about what the Democrat majority is passing rather than ensuring that a majority of Republicans gets elected. Democrats know that keeping the majority allows them to move any bill they want through the cogs. The GOP has no idea how politics actually work.


  3. IL is lost- literally a 3rd tier Democrat corrupt shathole , unless you happen to be a corrupted elite in good standing or a minority then it’s an never ending All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

    Enjoy !

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  4. Would love to hear our school board candidates out front on issues like this. Social issues like this, CRT, smut in libraries, comprehensive sexuality education, and now litterboxes showing up in schools is why we conservatives are getting more involved in these elections. I would love if Wurth, Emery, Frank, and Jada would take these issues head-on and give some enthusiasm and voice to those of us in the silent majority that are sick of these things. Seems like they haven’t had much to say on social issues. I get the importance of budget issues, but you can’t let these issues go by the wayside.

    Let’s see some posts and attention brought to these issues by our candidates! Of course I’m voting for them over leftist failures, but I’d love a reason to be genuinely excited for this election, especially after what happened in Nov. Getting the sense they’re fiscal conservatives, but not social conservatives.

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  5. Laws written on paper, codes, Rules, regulations, protocols, etc all written on paper. When did we enter into a contract with these bureaucrats and politicians that create this mess? I rescind any contractual agreement and demand a complete restart. I’m hereby revoking my proxy “representation” from my congressional representatives, senators and local officials and will speak on my own behalf.


  6. Grow up. You go into a stall and do your business. What does it matter if someone in the next stall doesn’t have parts that match yours? No one should be looking at anyone anyway.


  7. Podiums you are so correct I could care less what gender is in the stall next to me but there are a lot of perverts out there that would be excited to have someone of the opposite sex next to them especially a young vulnerable girl. So you are saying that if you have a young daughter it would be ok for her to go into restrooms regardless of who might be in there? I for one would not allow it. So sad that this is the environment that we live in today.


  8. Back in the day a couple of construction workers would take the freaks and perverts out to the woodshed. Now union members vote for the crooked politicians that create this legislation.

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