Bloomington 6/19/23 Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

Celebrate now Bloomington – your water bills will increase. The City did a study and you just aren’t paying enough as compared to other area municipalities. See 43:30 on the video below. Water rates haven’t increased since 2012, everything else the City charges on your bill goes up 3% automatically every year. I’m betting water rates in the future will too.

Listen to Tim Gleason at 46:00. The City needs to spend some BIG dollars upgrading water delivery. He also claims the system has been managed VERY well for the past 150 years. Maybe he doesn’t know about the NEVER used water tower they built in Normal. I have more information on that boondoggle, someday soon I will get to it. Meanwhile staff is looking for grants and low interest loans.

Two other people spoke at Public Comment. See Surena Fish at 12:50. She opposes Mollie Ward’s initiative for a special commission to study gun violence. She is a member of the PSCRB Board that is already capable of studying gun violence. The lady who follows her is upset the Council met on a Federal holiday. She also seems to think June 19th always falls on a Monday.

Jump to 55:30 to hear Mollie Ward explain why Bloomington needs a special commission to examine gun violence. She believes more government is needed to solve problems. Electing progressive leftists has consequences folks. She completely ignores the gun safe giveaway debacle. She thinks it was great. She also concentrates on suicide that she calls gun violence and laments statistics aren’t available.

An extended conversation among Council members follows. An informal vote on who wanted to hear more ended up 5-4. Montey, Becker, Boelen and Kim were the no votes. The progressives ignored every instance given as to resources already existing. Donna Boelen mentioned ISU graduate students who would love a project like this. Ward thinks future grants could be tied to the commission results. At 1:11:20 she mentions gun safes again. Ward thinks data is scattered and only her commission is capable of pulling it together. Growing government shows where her priorities lie.

Ignoring government incompetence is also a priority.

I’m hearing reports the police department under current leadership has gone woke. Remember the training police officers received in Skokie?

Add the gun safes that aren’t for guns. Nobody should be surprised after Gleason created a Diversity Officer without a Council vote. Citizens are expected to be woke to and worship government from now on. Staff will tell you they are flawless. Gleason referenced a number of slides at the end of the meeting, none of them are on video. Yep, flawless.

Entire meeting:

6 thoughts on “Bloomington 6/19/23 Part 2

  1. We have three people in our household. We don’t take long showers or water the lawn. Last month’s water bill was $124. I think we pay more than enough for water now. The city must find ways to run its operations more efficiently and quit reaching into my pocket to fix its budget problems.

    1. No one wants their crap trucks that can’t be accessed in cold weather, unreliable parts and expensive repair bills. They are going all in on the SUV’s according to numerous on- line reports. Normal got scammed because Scaringe knew fools when he saw them. Government Motors.

  2. What is the relationship between the Diversity Officer and Gleason ? Is it friend, family or crony from Washington, Decatur or Pekin , or a combo of all three ?

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