Unit 5 emails you need to see

By: Diane Benjamin

ISBE does not have the authority to require masks and there is NO evidence they work. Around 50 Districts around the State are saying no, Unit 5 isn’t one of them. This is an internal email, one child less subject to the mask abuse:

Remember the Nazi salute controversy a few meetings ago? These emails show who is responsible, evidently Unit 5 doesn’t actually teach what a Nazi salute is. It DID NOT happen. The emails prove parents are making a difference even though cancel culture is alive and well! See Dr. Weikle’s email at the end, it says the Board will review the video of that meeting. They evidently agree nothing happened because no action has been taken.

Dr. Carla Campbell-Jackson is a 1st vice-president with the NAACP.

The Unit 5 Board is meeting again tonight at 6:30 – Normal West. Agenda: https://meetings.boardbook.org/Public/Agenda/1482?meeting=491699








6 thoughts on “Unit 5 emails you need to see

  1. Is this where the older gentleman was raising his hand to answer a question that had been asked by someone on the board? If you go looking for racism, you will inevitably find it. For a grown adult to misinterpret a standard social gesture is just madness. To then publish the man’s name and his current employer is both gross and disgusting behavior.

    How much of an insane busybody do you have to be to misinterpret a common hand gesture? For me, this is right on up there with the “resource officer” that wanted to ban me from board meetings for exercising my First Amendment rights. People have lost their damn minds these days.

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  2. Dr. Kristen Kendrick -Weikle (She, her and hers) is in way over her head. I don’t think she’s long for this job.


  3. Carla can be called Carla. Using the “Dr.” salutation is completely unnecessary. These people have such boring lives that they wring their hands about things that never happened.

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