ISU needs to watch this father:

By: Diane Benjamin

I guarantee you will be cheering too (unless you are woke). The School Board voted to ban CRT after he spoke.

Wednesday night the ISU Academic Senate will likely pass by a LARGE majority a graduation requirement to create “woke” students. They call it IDEAS – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in US Society. They want to require all students take at least one qualifying course to GRADUATE.

See the document here:

The ISU Academic Senate members are the people the father above talked about. Racism only exists because some people refuse to let it die. It gives them power and they refuse to relinquish it.

See PDF page 2 – ISU has been trying to do this since 2016.

PDF page 3 has the learning outcomes:

Judging people based on the content of their character is DEAD. ISU can quit bringing left wing race baiters to campus to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. MLK has zero meaning on campus in 2021, it should be banned as a holiday.

ISU wants all WHITE graduates to know they need to be less white. I hear the Senate will overwhelmingly approve this document tomorrow night. Citizens can attend and participate in public comment. The meeting is at 7:00pm in the Old Main Room.

Parents: Want “woke” kids? ISU is the place to get them indoctrinated.

Minorities are going to be the ones to end this nonsense. “Woke Whites” are telling you it isn’t possible for you to succeed in America, you need them to help you.

Facts proves otherwise, the left never got over losing their slaves.

5 thoughts on “ISU needs to watch this father:

  1. If you start from the premise that all of this nonsense – ALL OF IT – has been meticulously concocted, planned and executed in order to create division and animosity at this particular point in time…then absolutely everything starts to make sense. Don’t fall into their ridiculous straw man arguments about “race.” Follow their motives and the money, and look very, very carefully at the particular people pushing it most. The George Floyd drama was just that – a scripted fiction like anything else you are watching second-hand on a screen. It’s sad that people’s willing suspension of disbelief has gotten this far. The only thing you can know to be true is what you see with your own eyes, and hear with your own ears. Get clear right now, and that starts with looking past these smokescreens to what’s really going on.

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