Koos proves laws don’t apply to him

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember Doug Fansler? He’s the guy trying to get the Town of Normal to remove the stop signs in the middle of the roads in Normal: https://blnnews.com/2021/08/19/mia-common-sense-in-normal/

Yesterday we found out why the Town has no common sense: Chris Koos

Doug was on Linden stopped at the train tracks by Uptown because the gates were DOWN and the lights were flashing. He witnessed a guy WALK around the gates. That guy was Chris Koos. Doug sent the email below to the mayor:

From: Doug Fansler < Redacted >
Date: Monday, August 23, 2021 at 4:57 PM
To: Mayor Chris Koos <[email protected]>
Subject: Crossing railroad with warning signs flashing at Linden after noon today

I saw an older gentleman crossing the railroad with all the warning signs down and lights flashing near La Bombas on Linden around 12:15 or so.  My wife and I were on the south side of the tracks.  As he crossed we realized it was you.  No pictures, but that is not in your best interest and also is illegal. A person of your stature and knowledge should know better!

Doug Fansler

Chris Koos had no problem responding:

From: Mayor Chris Koos <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2021 6:16:36 PM
To: Doug Fansler < Redeacted >
Subject: Re: Crossing railroad with warning signs flashing at Linden after noon today 

It was an obvious gate malfunction, no trains.

Chris Koos admitted to breaking the law in that email. He thinks he’s so smart that laws don’t apply to him!

What does ISU tell their student Chris? https://police.illinoisstate.edu/safety/pedestrian/

ISU should be writing a ticket to Chris Koos for violating the law!

The gates went up shortly after Koos walked around them. Koos must think he’s an expert on gate technology as well as safety, law don’t matter. There may be cameras pointed at that track, law enforcement should review the footage!

If Chris Koos and his “professional staff” had any brains, the underpass would be under the Linden tracks instead of available only for bikers and pedestrians.

What if an ambulance or fire truck was waiting behind those gate Koos? Is the person’s house on fire willing to wait because you built an underpass emergency response vehicles can’t use?

If someone dies because you built an underpass an ambulance can’t use, can you be personally sued along with your merry band of bobbleheads who don’t think for themselves?

More laws that don’t matter to Koos:

Remember this story about the trailers illegally parked on Town property? https://blnnews.com/2021/06/16/stan-is-ethically-challenged-not-even-close-to-the-rest-of-normal/

A reader sent the following email a little while ago. The reader is outraged:

You did a story on the small enclosed trailers that are parked at the Town of Normal Public Works. (I searched for your previous story, but I couldn’t remember the name) 

Some company with a bicycle logos on the side….I almost turned around and took photos to send to you.  The last story on this topic did not cause them to correct their behavior.

I went to the “self-service” recycling this morning and the trailers are still parked on the east side of the building…tucked back by some large bushes.

So infuriating…When I lived in Normal, I was not allowed to park a small enclosed trailer on my property and they were quite aggressive about the trailer.  They would constantly drive by and mail us violations, etc.  When I asked them about the “expected” solution they wanted us to pay to rent for a parking spot somewhere else.  (Never mind the fact that we were paying A LOT for property taxes for THAT parking spot in my own driveway)

Bottom line…Unless the taxpayers own the dumb bicycle logo enclosed trailers…the legal owner of those enclosed trailers should be receiving the same letters and fines just like I was receiving on my own property AND MOVE THOSE TRAILERS!!

Actually, Chris Koos should be charged with official misconduct for misuse of government property. His buddies get free parking while others get fined.







4 thoughts on “Koos proves laws don’t apply to him

  1. Thank you and I’d like to thank the Madigan regime and electronic voting machines that keep me in power. I will continue to lick the ring of my demonrat masters. Koozie


  2. Did he report this “malfunctioning” safety device? It would be negligent if the mayor, and Amtrak board member, knew the safety device was malfunctioning he chose not to report it. Assuming he failed to report the “malfunctioning device”, how many lives has he put at risk for his neglect? ( Personally I think he is full of it and his claim of malfunction is a lie to justify his illegal act. )

    You could FOIA for street cams of that area and get him on camera.


  3. It’s the small things like this that are dead-certain signs of much larger criminality being committed by a sick and perverted sociopath. Textbook. Koos must be feeling pretty safe to flaunt it, rub it in people’s faces. Pride goes before destruction.

    Liked by 1 person

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