Bloomington: Citizens deserve better

By: Diane Benjamin

When elected individuals are sworn into office with an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America – citizens have the right to expect them to do it. America has always attempted to create “a more perfect union”, we don’t need representatives that want the system abolished and replaced with their wokeness. Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill proved last night their oath of office is meaningless. Not at least standing for the Pledge of Alliance disrespects every person who died for freedom. They couldn’t even stand for a moment of silence:

Jenn had no problem standing to receive her service plaque however:

As the Mayor makes his pick for her replacement, he needs to find a person who doesn’t only want the job to overthrow the system. We’ve had enough of the Social Justice Warriors who are really anarchists.

The City Youth Enrichment Program presentation was amazing. It starts with comments by City Manager Tim Gleason at 1:13:30. Four participants spoke about the program and the benefits it provided. The City had 15 mentees, the four who spoke were all black. No one mentioned the races of the 11 others. Is this the City’s interpretation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

These interns were paid for working this summer. One older participant landed a full time job with the City. It is a great program that should be available to all youth. In this WGLT article, Deputy City Manager Tyus claimed not all mentees are minorities, from the picture in the article it’s hard to tell:

Since judging people on their character instead of the color of their skin isn’t popular anymore, the City needs to be careful not to practice racism of their own with who becomes future interns. The program should be available to all kids, find more diverse partners who will refer kids of all races.

The four who spoke are very worth listening to!

The vote to give away the alley on E. Jackson failed. I have no idea why it required 7 yes votes, but Attorney Jeff Jurgens stated it did. Staff will go back to the owner or the properties to discuss further. Donna Boelen mentioned brick can be seen under the crumbling asphalt. She wondered if it could be saved for future street repairs. Lots of discussion took place, some were against enriching one citizen, others thought putting the alley on the property tax roles benefits the city. I think all believe not having to maintain the alley, which the city doesn’t do anyway, is a benefit.

Somehow the Council is voting electronically now, but the camera doesn’t show the vote like it did at City Hall. Alderman Boelen, Crabill, Carrillo, and Ward voted against giving it away.

The Finance Director’s report showed revenue is above what they budgeted. Only one month of data is available since receipts lag months behind when it was earned. If the current trend continues the Council should start cutting taxes instead of dreaming up ways to spend the excess. There is never a shortage of those. See graphics at 1:47:25 and following.

Interim Police Chief Greg Scott spoke at 2:00:00. He is retiring, his comments are worth listening to.

7 thoughts on “Bloomington: Citizens deserve better

  1. As I said yesterday, a racist program which must mean the people in charge are alledgely racists. But, out of 44 participants pictured, looks like there is one token white boy in the rear on the left side. So I guess that’s suppose to make it all good.

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  2. Both Carrillo and Crabill are mental defectives. In their minds, they are communist revolutionaries the likes of Lenin, Mao, Castro and Che. They were the kids with no friends in grade and high school and now use their positions to get the attention they crave. Carrillo will likely be replaced by another radical in her ward. Crabill should have been fired by SF long ago for his child-like public behavior but still has his job because SF leadership is also woke and has no balls. He went to one of the most radical colleges in Indiana (Franklin). His relatives are also embedded in the higher education hierarchy here at Purdue.


  3. These people disrespect the citizens and taxpayers of Bloomington at an ongoing frequency that has never been attempted prior.

    I cannot imagine how liberals would howl if conservatives were to treat them with such disrespect!

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  4. Don’t look too hard at who runs the city of Bloomington HR Dept. So many radical Tari Renner minions all thru depts ONLY hire their own.

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