UPDATE: Unit 5 wants sued!

See update at the end.

By: Diane Benjamin

Unit 5 seems to think they can redact emails without any consequences. I previously reported the Attorney General is finally investigating a claim I filed with them months ago because virtually every email was redacted on a previous FOIA request.

I just received a partial FOIA request I filed weeks ago. I haven’t looked at much of it yet, but here’s one from June written by Mareen Thomas who I think is a 1st grade teacher at Grove Elementary to the President of the Unit 5’s Teacher’s Union.

Unit 5 thinks the response is TOP SECRET:

A lawsuit will be necessary to find out what Lindsey said, unless Mareen is willing to share it herself. I can ask a Chicago law firm to file a FOIA case, if not I can file it myself.

Right now I need to keep reading to see what else was redacted.

Below is Maureen Thomas’s response to Lindsey – also completely redacted.







6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Unit 5 wants sued!

  1. The lack of transparency in local government speaks volumes about what government employees think about the taxpayers who fund their entire organization and paycheck.

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  2. Funny. I did a FERPA request years ago and they failed to redact some special Ed information on another student. Someone was discussing the needs of the child and said “he is a mess.”

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