Bloomington tonight 8/23/2021

By: Diane Benjamin

From bills and payroll:

If you thought anybody was serious about combining the County 911 Dispatch Center with Bloomington’s, buying new furniture likely nixes that idea:

Meeting agenda:

Jenn Carrillo’s last meeting – she will likely get a plaque for her service. I wonder if she will show up?

Consent Agenda:

The City will be replacing two aging Public Works vehicles that aid in bulk pickup – total $811,279.00. See PDF page 13 for an explanation of why there are not electric.

PDF page 83 – Council might approve remote Public Comment for meetings of the Council and Boards/Commission except Planning and Zoning that require testimony and possible questions.

PDF page 87 to 98 – Ordinance to allow Council to waive compensation for vacating an alley. This sets up giving away the alley discussed at a previous meeting. Jump the the Regular agenda PDF page 163, ordinance giving away the alley previously discussed.

Regular Agenda:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

It should be a relatively short meeting, but no guarantees.








6 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight 8/23/2021

    1. That’s part of it yes. Another part is growing government, getting more and more people working for/with the oppressors, much like the Old Soviet and current CCP LOTS of people who have minor positions in government, they get little perks, like maybe TWO rooms in their government provided living space. Programs like this encourage people to seek secure employment with good pay INSIDE the political machine even if it’s just as a little paper pusher or cleaner. Nothing like cozying up with the enemy to keep yourself “safe”. – A little too dramatic? Maybe, but it’s something I do see. Nothing wrong with working for the city or the county or state really, but it sure would be better to work for ones that are on the up and up and not driven by a socialist/leftist agenda.

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  1. The Jule Foundation, a not-for-profit, is a city wide initiative for “at risk” youth primarily to prepare them for the “real” world. The City is only one of many participants.

    Regarding giving away city property…not a fan. There are residents who encroach on public parks adjacent to their property. Is the City willing to give that resource away too?

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  2. Exactly as “Ronin” stated. UNQUALIFIED people appointed to UNNECESSARY jobs in government with insanely high compensation. It is already going on in both Bloomington and Normal. What ever happened to hiring the most qualified individual for the job??? Well, in this scenario, qualifications aren’t important because all they really want is a warm body to have a job and collect a paycheck–BUT NOT TO ACTUALLY WORK.

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    1. “Well, in this scenario, qualifications aren’t important because all they really want is a warm body to have a job and collect a paycheck–BUT NOT TO ACTUALLY WORK.”
      Yep – sort of like minor court positions back in the old style Royalty days, the assistant to the assistant of the person who pours the tea. But they they still get to live in the palace.


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