Where is Not In Our Town?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On September 24th the NAACP is holding an event in Bloomington:

wallaceDr. Wallace is a very successful women, but I wonder if she will state her support for the athletes now disrespecting the National Anthem?  She did recently:


















I agree that historical context is missing – the real black history has been written out of textbooks.

Does NIOT approve of spreading re-written history?  Is it okay with Not In Our Town for a non-resident to come and town preach hate for our country?

I hope NIOT and Dr Wallace do some research, starting with this list of GREAT Black Americans who helped found this country.

James Armistead

Benjamin Banneker

Wentworth Cheswell

Prince Whipple

Peter Salem

Frederick Douglass

Lemuel Haynes

The historical context is wrong because real history isn’t taught.

Claiming people of color are victims is a lot easier than inspiring them with stories of their fore-fathers!



10 thoughts on “Where is Not In Our Town?

  1. Forgive me for being cynical. I think that many of those who participate in the NIOT movement do so in order to make themselves feel good and has little to do with eliminating prejudice and encouraging inclusion.


  2. The NIOT organization is another hypocrisy IOT. It’s embarassing for the good folks who do reside here. When the mayor verbally attacked you and his outwardly showed his disdain and bias against Judy in council if NIOT was true to it’s name should have kicked the mayor out and those who failed to stand up for you.


  3. How exactly is history being rewritten? Are we only going to teach the good stuff from now on? Pass over the bad stuff because it makes people uncomfortable. Oh that’s right! *whistles* Here boy! There is someone daring to exercise their First Amendment rights! Grrrrr!! That’s right boy! We need to censor history so that people don’t have questions about the bad stuff! Woof! That’s right! We are America! We can do no wrong!

    But wait! Who is re-writing history? Gosh, conservatives in Oklahoma wanted to censor AP history textbooks that paint America in a bad light! Gosh! Didn’t realize we are going Soviet Union on people!

    Go ahead and say you disagree but reframing her speech as rewriting history is off-base and thick headed. Clearly you like happy fuzzy America. Learning about our mistakes is important too.


    1. Find a black person and ask them which person of their color they look up to from pre-1900? They were never taught about great black leaders, therefore they won’t know any. They are only being taught they are victims. Actually nobody is taught what made America great anymore. Everybody is being taught we are disgusting nation that stole from other countries and therefore we must be cut down. It’s not hard to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence if it’s never taught or if the writers were just old salve owners.

      I have a feeling you are already there. Hello Socialism! Redistribution of wealth works every time it’s tried. (Until the money runs out)


  4. NIOT and Black Lives Matter have a lot in common. First both groups were founded based on lies. NIOT was formed base on the myth of a sudden rise in racially motivated church burnings in the south. This never happened and has been proven to be a lie. Black Lives Matter was boosted by the lie of Hands Up Don’t Shoot in Ferguson, Missouri. Once again this was a lie that never happened even according to Obama’s own Justice Department.
    Second, the founders of Black Lives Matter are known Marxists. Some of the leaders of our local NIOT are socialists and leftists.
    Last , both groups manipulate the populace to support their supposed just cause. Yet both groups haven proven their actions they are more concerned with promoting their own far left political agenda and their own hatred and bigotry.
    Both groups exist to trash the United States and capitalism an for no other reason.


  5. NIOT? Isn’t this the SECOND time that the city has “promoted” such a “program” in Blm/Nor? I believe the first one was “Not in MY town” and they put the “no racism” signs on the outskirts of town, and made the city workers put stickers in their trucks-which they all hated. That wasn’t much of a success either.


  6. Does Bloomington Not in Our Town leadership have a mental disorder? Paranoia involves anxious fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat or conspiracy. We know NIOT was founded on fearful non existent threats of church burnings in the south. Like Peter stated above this never happened. Yet at the time Panic spread across Bloomington and Former Mayor Jesse Smart even fell for the tin foil hat conspiracy theory by wasting tax dollars and police manpower On security for local churches. Than NIOT partners with Black Lives Matter based on the delusions of Hands Up Don’t Shoot. Which also never happened. Mayor Renner than falls for the tin foil hat conspiracies and wastes tax dollars and police manpower on additional sensitivity training. Prediction: We really do have radical Islamic terrorists stabbing and blowing up Americans inside the United States fueled by hate and intolerance. NIOT will ignore this real threat and instead focus on the citizens of Bloomington’s imaginary intolerance of Muslims. Even local Muslim community member Mohammed Zaman admitted in a Wglt radio interview that he has not seen any anti-Muslim backlash in Bloomington. To NIOT truth does not matter. They only see imaginary hate while ignoring the real hate of radical iIslamic extremists.


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