More on “the list”

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since the list contains obvious lies I’m not going to post the un-redacted version.

Many people want to know who is on the list so they can frequent these establishment.  Remember when Chic-Fil-A was targeted and supporters stood in long lines just to show their support?

Jenn Carrillo claims she didn’t create the list:

carr sorry

I never said she did, but the list came from a group she promoted, note she doesn’t want to discuss issues (Voices of Reason).

voices of treason

Below are the local establishments one the list:

Tobin’s Pizza


Roy’s Wraps


Redbird Catering


Rob Dobs

These businesses are targeted for merely supporting Trump, donating to republicans, or perceived racism.  Jenn’s buddies get to judge who is racist based on their definition of racism.  Keep in mind, they think saying “All Lives Matter” is racist.


8 thoughts on “More on “the list”

  1. what a hateful person carrillo is. i was especially amused by her calling out an ‘angry mob’. like the ones she supported that trashed and looted local businesses? typical radical tactic – accuse those you oppose of doing what you do. maybe all the reefer is starting to take it’s toll.

    1. They always do that when anyone pushes back in any way, and does not get in lock step, they label them angry and hostile even if they are being calm and civil. I remember often being told to “CALM DOWN! Why are you so angry?” when I was not at all agitated but simply laying out a reasonable argument and I would stop and inform them that I was not at all upset and that they were not only wrong but also delusional – it wouldn’t go over well – oh well…

  2. Interesting that a group espousing equality seeks inequality for others not part of their group. So, for them, rights only exist for them. I am not saying hatred or discrimination are good. Only that you cant practice what your against, unless what your practicing is,in fact, what your wanting, that is power for yourself over others. A practice that in EVERY socialist amd/or communist government always has murdered,enslaved, or banished those with opposing views or religion. Interestingly its always accompanied by seizing their wealth and “redistributing” it, by those in power who ordered the murder,enslavement, or banishment. Amazing how history, past and over, doesnt lend some to learn from it, only seek to repeat it, for their benefit.

  3. This begs me to once again ask the question….is Jeff Crabill a member of this new voices of justice FB page? It will also be interesting to see how he responds at city council if Jens biased representation of her Ward is brought up for discussion. State Farm where are you? I hope you are watching and listening! Are you really a good neighbor? I guess we will find out

  4. Diane, are you saying we should continue to support local businesses even if we know they are using their profits to support socialist causes and organizations? I for one enjoy my American Freedom to “vote with my dollars.”

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