Taxing Tari just lost a local business

By:  Diane Benjamin

I received this message today:

I will be moving my business to Leroy at the end of the month.  So, they will enjoy the sales tax money and no $50 fee to do business.  Bloomington likes to pay more and buy from Amazon.  Normal, well they had a chance too and blew it.
Art Rodriguez

Check out their website:
People are voting with their feet.  It will only accelerate from here.

10 thoughts on “Taxing Tari just lost a local business

  1. Between the Business registration fee and the new zoning for downtown, the final nails are going in the coffin. The only reason the business registration fee was added was to help close the gap in budget that was approved in April. The “dog & pony show” from last night was to distract from that truth.
    I have also heard from business owners that it is VERY DIFFICULT to deal with the City’s economic development department.


    1. Additionally,there will be an ongoing cost to administer this program causing a need to increase the budget for future years. The City is hurting businesses while simultaneously increasing expenditures. MORE STRUCTURAL DEFICIT!!
      Imagine the prosperity & positive economic impact there would be if businesses felt secure that the government would not continue with burdensome taxes & fees so they, the business, might hire one or two new employees.

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  2. Why would you blame this on an Tari?

    It was the New (Republican) City Manager and Conservative (Republican) Council Members….those nasty Liberal Members spoke out against this……I missed that part in your story.

    Fake News is destroying what little reputation you had left.


    1. Bobby—the liberal tax and spend Council members voted to add the $50 back in March during the budget process. Gleason wasn’t here. The $$ is needed to close a budget shortfall found in the current budget approved in April. The registration is, to an extent, a separate topic. Business registration could be done without a fee as a service to the business community.


  3. Too bad. Art is a good guy. He runs another business selling items that are probably not a “right fit” in Renner’s Utopia. I have used this service a couple of times. Guess now I’ll have to go to LeRoy.


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