Was that Shirk check illegal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Some years ago the City Council increased how much David Hales could spend without Council approval.  That Council really didn’t want to do the job of citizen watchdogs, but then we knew that.

Tim Gleason is bound by that $50,000 limit too.  So how did the City write a check for $75,000 to the Shirk Foundation? Source

Keep in mind the Council approved Bills and Payroll, but not this check individually.  Remember Tari’s girlfriend’s plane ticket?  They didn’t notice that one either, reading is really hard!

Below is why I think they know what happened wasn’t legal:  emails

and this one:






Was this payment never on the agenda because they didn’t want to answer questions?

Was a check just written in hopes of nobody noticing?

Does the Council care?  Did anybody see the check?  Nobody on the Council asked staff for an explanation before the meeting!

The problem remains, the spending limit is $50,000.  The check should have had Council approval.  It didn’t.

The emails prove Council approval was needed.  Is Tim Gleason showing his true devious ways?

See all the emails here:  Shirk Foundation email exchange


Since the “conservative” radio station has

abandoned holding local government accountable

BlnNews is all you have:

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8 thoughts on “Was that Shirk check illegal?

  1. I feel like the question isn’t “was it illegal”. The question is who holds government officials (or non profits for that matter) accountable for breaking the law. It’s difficult to say voting changes when the majority of candidates are more of the same and are being funded with their government (Nikita) and non-profit (Jenn) Jobs.

  2. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Tim Gleason looks like David Hales, talks like David Hales, acts like David Hales, spends like David Hales and is sneaky like David Hales. He’s cut from the same cloth.

  3. “Grant Acceptance Agreement”,,,,council didn’t need to ask anything….they read the agreement, they had to return the Cash !!!

  4. The motivation is clear, Tari and his ilk don’t want people to see the failures of “full service” government. He’s run up massive deficits on the taxpayer dime, buying buildings, throwing money at “cultural” events, organizations, and Downtown for which there’s not a single success story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the Creative Center didn’t turn into the next boondoggle, but the fact that it didn’t get off the ground is indicative of the failures of government-run entities and Tari’s “give me your money and I’ll figure out how to build stuff later”. How will they hide or sweep Green Top under the carpet?

    1. “Full Service” government! Ha! We used to get bulky trash picked up weekly, not the giant mess we experienced this month. And, the roads…

  5. BIG question IS did the Shirk foundation write it off their taxes, and IF SO, do they plan on paying now that it’s been rescinded??

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