Green Top Closing?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Green Top Grocery claimed they needed $400,000 by November 12th or they would close.

So far $52,500 has been raised.

Below is the email sent to members yesterday.  Yes, eventually other people’s money runs out:


14 thoughts on “Green Top Closing?

  1. Anyone up for a just-for-fun dead pool of the day of GTG’s closing? I’m in for $100 for November 30, 2018, proceeds to go to BlnNews…

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    1. I’m in! I’ll go with Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend. Tari and the government-led economic development crowd need to bury the bad news. Plus, they’ll want to try and sell a few grass-fed, free-range, organic turkeys on the way out the door. This could be a fun way to raise some funds for Diane. Perhaps, a dead pool for Rivian? How much did Connect Transit lose this month (Price is Right style)? Haha!

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      1. I think you’re both too late in the pool, given they deadline date they gave. I’m thinking it was chosen so the can pay to Get sustainable fair-trade free-range organic vegan turkey substitutes to sell for Thanksgiving. Having never been inside, I don’t know how much stock-on-hand they have, but I’m gonna put $50 on black friday as their last day. If I’m wrong, I’m late too.


  2. GTG is almost certainly losing money every day its open. So, what’s their answer? Going deeper into debt by borrowing $400,000 from members of this community just to buy themselves more time. GTG is like the guy playing Monopoly that has mortgaged or sold every property, has a few bucks, and is hoping to just make it around the board to collect $200 and keep things going. Fingers crossed, right? Forget it. It’s all over! By the way, $400,000 in private money could be deployed much more effectively in our local economy through investment in existing businesses with solid balance sheets or promising startups, though most of those were run out of town already.


  3. Maybe GTG can use one of the rivian vehicles as a means of delivering groceries. The new vehicle is set for a showing this year, real production will beging in 2099!


  4. They must be in very bad financial shape if they’re needing to raise $400k to keep the doors open and $52,500 won’t even move the needle. Perhaps their “owners” should all volunteer to work there one day per month and save on labor costs. Put some “sweat equity” in their investment; maybe it would reduce their labor costs. Unfortunately they hired the wrong person to start out running it. They also picked a horrible location for a very expensive grocery store. The solution to a “food desert” is not the most expensive store in town. People will still drive/bike/walk somewhere else because it would be so much cheaper.


  5. THIS is better BS promotional reading then old Nevada gold mining prospectus paper! There are no LESS then 3 things here that say ” DANGER WILL ROBINSON”
    1) “LOAN” pledges from $1,000 to 10,000.. When I loan money I’d like RETURN on investment (not DEFAULT)
    2) Comprehensive, long-term SUSTAINABLE turn around (as in run like he**) plan
    3) We MUST continue our strong and accelerating sales and ownership growth!
    So basically they need loans, turn around (read management?) and sales , etc GROWTH.
    This sounds like the Titanic is sinking but we can STILL move forward because we have coal for the boilers left!
    I can’t WAIT to read the “Lawrence” take on this. I’m down for Dec 13th.
    And they PROBABLY need the money for their NEXT bread shipment or some other item they sell…


  6. All of the “owners” need to start working at “their” business. Or have their children work there. That is exactly what the business owners did when I was growing up.


  7. I don’t like to see people or businesses go belly up but in this case I’ll make an exception. Eventually maybe some of the idiots on council might figure out that Tari the Tyrant doesn’t know a hill of beans about business matters and abandon his lead.


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