Koos expects applause

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal Mayor Chris Koos posted this on Facebook yesterday:

Maybe Koos doesn’t need the money since his business wasn’t affected by the shutdowns that destroyed many others. Didn’t he say his business is up since more people are biking?

This is the Op-Ed Koos is referring to: https://www.pantagraph.com/opinion/columnists/justin-m-boyd-mayor-salary-limits-our-selection/article_253139e1-6b21-5b57-b164-2dd0ccd184f6.html

Is Justin is trying to get a raise before announcing he is running for mayor?

According to Boyd, citizens are supposed to fund City Managers for over $200,000 a year plus expanded part-time Councils because the role of government has no bounds. Bloomington wouldn’t need 2 Council meetings and a Committee of the Whole if government’s job was only essential services. It is much more fun to pretend to be developers, entertainment specialists, lords over the citizens. Renner wasn’t happy with it being a ceremonial job, he’s the one that decided to rule instead.

Is Justin wanting the job but needs more money before jumping in the race?

The Normal Council passed two raises in recent years. See this story: https://blnnews.com/2018/12/14/koos-and-council-get-raises/

In 2009 Koos went from $10,000 a year to $18,000. In 2018 the Council said the next mayor will make $32,000.

Council salaries went from $4,200 to $4,800. The next Council will earn $6,800.

So Koos is going to give up $1,167 a month for an uncertain time. With the addition of bike trails while raising the gas tax, does he think his bike shop will compensate for it?

He could save the taxpayers a lot more by scrapping his pet projects.

12 thoughts on “Koos expects applause

  1. “if I am mayor on May 1st, I will choose to freeze my salary.”

    Is this a campaign promise? He lied about not raising property taxes this last go around, why should we believe this?

    Town revenue is impacted by covid, but that did not stop him from increasing the current budget for new vanity projects like moving power lines in uptown alley, new bike trails, etc.

    Diane you are right that he could save many times more money by sacrificing just one of his pet projects. The bike trail extension alone is $250k of gas tax money. Tens of millions will go into the soccer complex. Tens of millions more will go into the grand promenade he is building for Rivian on college ave. And of course there is the underpass and the 1 uptown rent.

    He is grandstanding for votes and attention.

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  2. Hell yes covid and new trails financially pads his pockets. He even said so in this article.

    “The cycling world has certainly changed for Koos since the pandemic hit two months ago with sales up 71% and constant service requests. “I call bikes the new toilet paper.””

    That Koos is allowed to vote on things that give him personal financial gain is why I don’t trust Normal government. The town manager who is also the ethics officer should know better. The attorney should have said something too.

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  3. Last time this was up for vote it was also in an election year. RC McBride and Kathy Lorenz who were both up for reelection voted no. But, the fix was in and it passed. They all got a raise. RC lost, but Kathy kept her seat. Someone needs to ask her why she hasn’t given up the pay increase that she voted against. My guess is that a similar fix will be in this year and we’ll see a similar fix

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  4. How about a commission check for the removal of wasteful spending from government? Haha…look who I’m talking to, the architect of the Uptown boondoggle, and Tari’s fanboy and now aspiring oped writer.

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  5. “uptown” the birth place of crooked democrat politics! I have NO RESPECT for koos and the council, except Stan and other people who may be fighting for the people. Once again this is just written proof that YOU don’t matter.
    JUst think as Biden does! corrupt BAst**ds!


  6. koos gave himself a raise now says I m cutting salary? How very saintly of him! Sounds like king koos is bucking for sainthood. My guess is lackeys on council will give it to him. If he really wants to help the citizens of normal he should allow them to open their businesses and then move to Detroit!

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  7. Remember King Koos has every council member and manager wrapped around his finger, even the fake republicans Preston and Lorenz. Nord and Smith were expected to weaken his power but Koos was able to quickly convert Smith to his cult. Nord will eventually give up the fight. Koos has no worries about not getting whatever he wants.

    He is being a typical politician and grandstanding about an expense reduction of $1,166 per month just until revenues recover. Koos blows many time more than this on a daily basis on his pet projects. If he really wants to help taxpayers he will pause some of his pet projects instead.


    1. Not sure that I agree, Randy. Stan has held strong and withstood the on slot of coordinated attacks. One or two more voices of reason on the Council and things will begin to shift. Stan is a lot more popular than people think, while Koos and the other members of the Council are even more unpopular than people think. Wonder if Koos know how many people that give him a smile and say “hi” actually voted for Stan and will vote against him (Koos) inthe next election.

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