Canceling Columbus – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

When the far left wants to jam something down the throats of people they despise, what do they do? Attempt to rally the troops!

It didn’t go too well for one of them who posted in a Facebook group where people actually don’t swallow cancel culture socialism. I don’t know if she still is, but she was local leftist Sonny Garcia’s girlfriend:

The comments she got weren’t what she expected. I redacted the names, so far two people have commented.

I think it’s safe to assume anybody who votes with Jenn Carrillo has a short time left on the Council.

Listening council?

The post is in the group “Making a Difference in McLean County Area and All Over” on Facebook if you want to join the fun.

If the Council does vote with Carrillo, it will be Jeff Crabill’s turn to bring up the next leftist lunatic idea. Portland just legalized all drugs, will that be next?

I predict Public Comment is going to be fun!






8 thoughts on “Canceling Columbus – Part 2

  1. These idiots have no clue. The “indigenous” people they refer to conquered other people , they also had slaves, and were barbaric in their cultures. These imbeciles wouldnt last a week with the indies.

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  2. I think this is a great idea we have to make a few changes. Those who are not indigenous to the United States, that is legally born here must be sent back to the country they came from. In other words illegals are sent home. They also should have their bank accounts seized and forced to pay reparations to the United States. We could then have Columbus hour at 5pm to celebrate those who came legally to this country first found by Columbus.


  3. Heaven help the next mayor of Bloomington. The SJWs are out of control and dominating the Council meeting with their agenda. Are there no other issues facing the City? Declining population, a one-dimensional economy, crumbling roads, runaway debt, and boondoggle projects (hello, Connect Transit). But, hey, let’s not address these pressing issues, let’s rename holidays, virtue signal, and cry about something that happened over 500 years ago. Word on the street has it that Jenn has been ignoring pleas for help from local businesses and at times has been mouthing off to them and behind their backs that they already get enough help and that she’s only interested in SJW issues.


  4. Canceling Columbus is just a symbol (as Saul Alinsky would express it) to bring the organization together around a common greater cause.
    The greater cause would be – cancel the Bloomington police. Cancel ICE. Cancel the border. Establish that America is founded on racist principles. Racism is about who has power.

    Expect Critical Race Theory training in your future Bloomington City Council.


  5. #JamonaJenn spent a large portion of her time in the USA as an illegal alien, eventually marrying into citizenship. What does she know about indigenous ?? she’s indigenous to mexico. prolly gonna be a 1 term wunder as alderperson/thing too.


  6. How about a “Save the Wooly Mammoth day” as the indigenous peoples killed them like pop tarts!
    And YEP they’re extinct! Unlike dumb assed people who want to mess with holidays and WHAT they stand for.


  7. She is an ungrateful refugee from a third world country.

    Why doesn’t she go home to Mexico City and fight for the rights of the people’s the Spanish brutalized?

    Oh yeah, she is a descent of those Conquistadors.

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