Bloomington Monday: Socialist Day

By: Diane Benjamin

The Cancel Culture led by socialist Jenn Carrillo made the agenda for Monday:

Carrillo’s attempt to cancel Christopher Columbus from history will probably pass because some on the Council think her version of re-written history is trendy. Funny how countries around the world have celebrated Columbus Day for centuries:

It should also be noted that Columbus Day is not just celebrated in America but all around the world as an expression of human flourishing, exploration, and patriotism.  Many countries in Latin America also celebrate it as the “Die de la Raza” – the “Day of the Races,” and in Spain as the “Día de la Hispanidad,” and have erected numerous statues and monuments recognizing Columbus and his spirit of exploration.

It should be obvious cancelling Columbus has nothing to do with facts, it is based on another Socialist Howard Zinn who re-wrote America History that is now required reading in many schools:

Zinn was an outspoken socialist and his text has become required reading in many high schools and colleges around the country.  To any fair-minded person who has read this book, it’s an incomplete and outright Marxist interpretation of American history which rarely, if ever, attempts to portray a fair and balanced portrayal of American history – especially with Columbus whom he attacks in its first chapter.”

America can’t be destroyed from the outside, socialists have convinced your kids that America is an evil country. Monday night the Council will likely seal that courtesy of your elected former illegal immigrant.

Jenn is the poster child for boarder walls.

She will probably want President’s Day erased next. American exceptionalism is a joke in her mind. The country needs to start over with government in control instead of We The People. Evidently Bloomington has NOTHING more pressing to do than erasing history.

The vote will prove who the closet socialists are. You will find more than Jenn and Jeff Crabill.








2 thoughts on “Bloomington Monday: Socialist Day

  1. I was born on Cumbus Day and consequently he is one of my heros. I am also currently reading a book where the author is constantly quoting Zunn.

    I am large. I contain multitudes. I contradict myself.


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