If you voted Democrat

By: Diane Benjamin

The website below shows what you voted for. Facebook will not allow me to post it. That should tell you all you need to know.

The left always accuses the right of what THEY have done and will do.

If this doesn’t terrify you, the left has successful indoctrinated you to hate America. I’ve pointed out for years laws no longer matter in Illinois. The left took it national.

Read the entire site, keep in mind they are hiding why they are doing all this:


27 thoughts on “If you voted Democrat

  1. Just wait until the full Fourth Industrial Revolution run by a small group of evil technocrats gets into full swing. These people haven’t experienced “oppression” yet. But they will. Useful idiots.

  2. If you voted for democrats you probably hate people that have more money than you do. So of course you hate Trump. He became very rich and was a business person. You probably want to see his taxes because you are sure he might be a crook.

    What you don’t know, because nobody told you, is that Biden and his whole family are rich too. Joe and his family made their money because Joe has been a part time politician and influence peddler. Joe, his son Hunter, Joe’s brother and his wife are all rich. Their job qualifications amount to four words. Related to Joe Biden. Joe gladly offers you his tax returns. Nowhere do they show he’s taken money from foreign governments. Joe’s not stupid.

    Which rich guy is worse?

  3. I know this is your page and have the right to say and promote what you want….BUT

    I have been a Republican all my life and voted BLUE. I cannot stand that whining ignorant self serving kind of a pretend president that is in office at this time.

    I have the right to vote as I please and you have the same. We need to respect each other pull this country together. The vote will go as it will once all counted and we will all live with it and hopefully without finger pointing and putting others down.

    I read your reports daily and truly appreciate the information supplied.

    1. Oh, this country will be pulled together all right. Into one big totalitarian technocracy. You have no idea what’s coming, do you? Thought not.

      1. No, I guarantee you, she has absolutely NO idea at all – she just doesn’t
        like his tweets – he’s not “presidential” in her eyes – you know “presidential” like Romney would have been, or McCain would have been, you know THOSE sort of “republicans”. They are exactly why I will never consider myself a “republican”. I just know right from wrong.

  4. Karen C I have never liked Trump as a person never watched his tv show but as president for the past 3 plus years he has been good for America. Biden who has been in politics for over 48 years has contributed nothing to America, how sad that your total dislike some have used the word hate for a person would motivate to vote for those that have displayed no credible ability to run our country. Time will tell if you made a good decision but personally I don’t believe America has time.

  5. “Without finger pointing and putting others down”???? What the hell do you think WE, and our PRESIDENT have had to put up every single day for over 4 years!!! Can you imagine what it’s like to get up every single day to more and more BS being thrown in your face and having to deal with it/defend yourself??? We are divisive? NO, THEY are divisive! We are racist? NO, THEY have fueled the embers of racism!!!!! THEY are the ones that have been destroying families and businesses and society and are handing our Government over to Socialism!! Hope they are proud of their revenge/hatred of one President that has been the victim of non-stop character assassination (per a Clinton-based political agenda (!!!) started years ago) by a Democrat controlled media and their gullible viewers!
    What our ancestors died for…our Freedom “of the People, by the People and for the People” will now be nothing less than even big(ger) Government and more and more control of the People.

  6. I am amazed that voting citizens can not see the danger that lies ahead. I have always had doubts about President Trump, in fact only voted for him because the opponent was Hilary and her ideas and goals were terrible!!!!!
    President Trump has accomplished almost everything he has said he would do, yet the media and the less discerning voters have attacked him as if he was the enemy and with hatred.
    Joe Biden is no different than Hillary and I have little faith that he will make America Great again. The Democrat platform and ideas are so far from my values. If Joe wins the presidency our world will be turned upside down and wrong will be right and right will be wrong, and I do not meet political left or right.
    I have seen and heard pure hatred of President Trump. While many things he does and says I do not approve or believe, but then I feel the same way about the media and Democrats that spew hatred and deceit.
    We elected Donald Trump because he loves America and the alternative was far worse as our former president ran down our nation to anyone that would listen, yet the media never ever challenged him.
    I guess it saddens me that people that claim to have Christian ethics could vote for Joe and Harris. Voting for them makes them a part of the mass murders of innocent children and continues the demise of this great nation with socialistic ideas. I guess when you listen to the media you become insinuative to the truth, but that is what they want and a one world government will soon take control and like China and Russia, Cuba and other socialistic countries you will not need to vote or have a say in government. It is like surrendering freedom to be a slave of the elite government.

  7. America is not a place to be proud of right now. So yes, the left does not like America – because we don’t like fascist, racist, misogynist people in office.

    You’re insane, Diane.

    1. BFR, if what you say is true why did minority and female support increase for Trump? Wouldn’t a real racist find less support from them? Or are they racist too?
      And let us know how, when and where Trump is shown to be fascist without quoting CNN.

      So tired of the hearing leftists regurgitate inane mediacrat nonsense. But then that is the easy way, isn’t it. Just puke it up and watch everyone run in disgust. That’s how you win elections isn’t it, but everyone becomes as bitter as you in the process.

      I am very proud to be an American even if Biden wins. 244 years of ups and downs but America is still a blessing to the world.

  8. Then why do you support Biden for president? Biden is everything and worse that you blame Trump for. Plus if you can’t see the dementia that is consuming him you’re either blind or stupid or both.

  9. Biden has been in office basically his WHOLE LIFE, he’s NOT the solution, he’s part of the PROBLEM, and IF you’re too indoctrinated to see that, then just wait until your “Free stuff” goes away and you have to actually get a REAL JOB! What did Obama do for you? Hillary? WHAT has Biden done for ALL his time in office?
    It’s NOT hate on OUR part it’s just sheer stupidity and indoctrination on YOUR part!
    Follow the lemming and see WHERE you wind up!

  10. When musician Don Henley wrote the song End of the Innocence out of concern about a Ronald Reagan presidency, I bet he had no idea it would be more applicable for another “old man” named Joe Biden. Google the song and listen to the lyrics. Life does have a way of coming full circle.

  11. So your Gropenführer, Trump is losing bigly. I’ve never seen so many snowflakes in one place. The rally that you gave a link to seem to gone off without any problem. Far cry from armed militia type who were armed in the Michigan State Capital and hatched a plot to kidnap and murder and sitting governor. What goes around comes around. Both Trump and extreme Tea Partiers have traded in racism and faux outrage in regards to President Obama.

    Let’s see your objections to Biden: 1) He’s too old. Trump is 74 years old that’s only few years’ separation age wise from Biden. Besides McConnell is 78 years old and I don’t see people here pointing out that fact and calling McConnell senile.
    2)Biden hasn’t done anything and he’s been in office too long. Biden was known for his efforts as a Senator to reach across the aisle to have interparty consensus why don’t we look at Mitch McConnell he’s been in office since 1985. I don’t see anyone here complaining that experience is a bad thing as to relation to long Republican political experience. That’s appears to be your point, that experience is not desirable that we should elect know-nothings and candidates who are ignorant. That’s an incredibly flawed logic.

    The fact that you can’t post whatever you wanted to on Facebook is because it’s not true. Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on misinformation, false information and just plain lies that you seem to be passing around.

    My last point. It’s truly despicable that you have essentially called Kamala Harris a whore on you social media feed. I don’t even know where to start with that kind of ugliness and just plain unhinged mean spiritedness not to mention overt racism. Trump deserves to lose and have all his corrupt administration relegated to the dust heap of history unmourned and forgotten.

      1. That one probably still believes the Russia Russia Russia! lie too, might still be waiting form Schiff to produce all that “evidence” and you’re right, they are beyond hope, and can not even be reasoned with. Also doesn’t know Harris’s reputation, but, even that doesn’t matter to them.

    1. You mean hatefulness like Antifa, BLM, Facebook and Twitter posts yesterday from. Bidenites, Harris calling Joe B. a racist at a Democratic debate, hateful and foul-mouthed local city and town council people, our divisive liberal mayors, the IWU and ISU snowflakes, and on and on? You and people like you are mental defectives in need of some help. I see Trump supporters rioting everywhere this weekend. If Trump had been declared the winner you would be on the streets smashing car windows, beating people up with brickbats and burning businesses. Sanctimonious people like you can go to h***. Common sense people are sick of your constant blather.

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