Renner’s letter to Pritzker

by: Diane Benjamin

The establishments readers have said are staying open: Times Past Inn, Tony’s Diner, and Jacks.

Let me know if you hear of others.

Below is the letter Mayor Tari Renner sent to Illinois’s one-term governor. Complaints will be referred to the McLean County Health Department who must prove in court the establishment is a health risk. Violating illegal executive orders isn’t proof. The police will not be shutting businesses down. Stay OPEN!

7 thoughts on “Renner’s letter to Pritzker

      1. If joe wins everything trump was doing will become correct and Joe’s idea. No more talk about not taking the drugs or the shot, no more shut down talk and no more talk about national mandates for masks. AP and others will cover for him. That’s what a good lap dog does.

  1. Joe isn’t going to mimick Trump IF the election is stolen in the first place. No, Joe’s handler’s through Harris will usher in more communism and completely destroy everything Trump. President Donadl J Trump fairly won the 2020 election. Biden only gets in via outright and bragged about theft. You will see a new and on it’s way to being ruined America, unless more republicans grow a set and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

  2. I like where Renner says, “,,,using limited metrics,,,.” Yeah Tari, that’s been the course throughout this entire scammed plandemic. Did ya hit a pothole and bump your head on that low roof in your Vette? Anyway kudos to you Tari, for finally speaking up towards any semblance of care towards your Oath of Office to the Constitution.

  3. I can’t stop laughing each time I see Tari Renner’s signature! Handwriting experts say that the bigger the signature, the BIGGER THE EGO. That totally explains his complete personality! A big ego is often a cover up of insecurities, inadequacies, like the little man’s syndrome for example.

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