What the election said

By: Diane Benjamin

Most pollsters have no credibility.

The one who got 2016 right was https://www.thetrafalgargroup.org/

Trafalar predicted a Trump win in 2020. In the future, pollsters need to be marginalized. They intentionally over-sample those who produce the results they want to see.

Media has no credibility.

The majority of the media misled the public on purpose by failing to report anything that damages democrats. Journalism is dead. There are numerous examples, if you don’t know ask me.

Local Election judges need watched

There were more than a few reports of interference by local election officials. I believe the Bloomington Election Commission poll workers were the offenders. Your right to vote can not be impeded. If the misconduct wasn’t reported to police it should have been – now is probably too late. Reporting should have occurred immediately! More volunteer poll watchers need to be in place, especially if BEC isn’t abolished!

Finally a judge was not retained!

Illinois Supreme Court Judge Thomas Kilbride was kicked off the bench. He was known as Mike Madigan’s judge for always ruling in Madigan’s favor.

All local judges were retained. I bet voters knew NOTHING about them but let them keep their jobs anyway.

Biden won McLean County

He won because of Bloomington voters. The unofficial margin is 3,354 votes out of 84,084 cast. Trump won everywhere but Bloomington.

Turnout in McLean County averaged in the mid 70% range.

If closer to 100% of registered voters didn’t bother to vote in this election, they were likely registered by Motor-Voter and don’t care.

Jason Chambers was elected

No surprise since he was running for judge unopposed. The surprising thing was 8,870 County voters did not vote for him.

Fair Tax defeated

Voters understood the Fair Tax isn’t so fair. Congrats!

Trump appears to be winning re-election

To accomplish that he had to defeat not only democrats but the democrat media. Hate his tweets? That is how he connects with Americans. The media won’t report on any of his accomplishments, things like peace in the Middle East aren’t important.

28 thoughts on “What the election said

  1. First time in my old stanky life that I wake up the next day and the election results are are not complete.

  2. Ignorant people in Bloomington, my ward 8 voted in craybill a puke that won’t even say the pledge of allegiance I had him pegged early on and did not vote for him but I guess ignorance is bliss for a lot of people.

  3. The election percentages show many people blindly vote based upon party affiliation, not on the merits of the candidate. This judgment is not because of the presidential numbers. I base this on the state and local numbers alone.

    For example, with all the controversy around these 3 individuals, I am surprised they received so many votes:
    – Dick Durbin
    – Chemberly Cummings
    – Michelle Anderson

    With the pension problems crippling the state and local municipality finances, I was surprised to see so many drag Danvers into the IMRF.

  4. Good riddance to Judge Kilbride, a clear indication that the walls are closing in on Mike Madigan. It is unfortunate that the judicial retention questions has become political. Over $10 million was spent on this retention question. Yet, there is no money for people that have lost their job, small business financial assistance or other financial relief under this political Covid 19 suppression. Now that the Fair Tax has been defeated, let’s see how the effete GOP will approach pension reform, redistricting after the 2020 census and the upcoming promised 20% tax increase. Likely, they will continue to be ineffective. The only opportunity for the GOP to assume any control is the State becoming insolvent, which looks to be more likely every day. And, you’re right…the media and pollster credibility is dead!

    1. Notice how Michigan became more of a Red State after Detroit declared bankruptcy and Michiganders began to piece together that they were subsidizing a corrupt, crime-infested, 50% rate of illiteracy, big government city in freefall. Wonder if such a shock to the political system is possible in Illinois if Chicago goes financially belly up.

  5. The E Free poll workers were instructed to respond the way they did to the non-mask wearers by BEC. The church demanded masks be mandatory. Masks were provided and offered to all who didn’t have 1 on. Judges were set up by both the non-mask wearing voter (who is a Cities 92.9 employee and entered the poll being videotaped intending to cause a scene) and BEC. So sad.

    1. If you are referring to the E Free church on Lincoln. I voted there. The church is also home to Kindermusik and that may be why the church requested masks be worn. Classes are held during the day and evening hours. Not saying I believe in masks, but that may have been part of their reason for asking.

  6. I’m praying for all of you, and that maybe when Biden is elected you’ll be able to open your eyes to the fact that the American people need a president who cares about the rights of others and not just the economy. You are blinded by your ignorance and that is why the younger generations no longer “respects our elders”

    1. Your post shows your naivete and your indoctrination. Biden cares no more about you other than he was able to convince you to use your hate of a person that never did a thing to you to make life better for himself and his family at the expense of your own future and that of your children. Your generation should be pitied for its gullibility and out and out stupidity since you know nothing of history or what Trump for all his warts accomplished for this nation and peace in the world. I could care less if you respect someone like me or not. I am wiser than you will ever be. Know-it-all children like you and those of your generation signed your own death warrants. You just don’t know it. Go back to taking selfies, spreading rumors on social media and sleeping with your best friend, your cellphone.

    2. SettleForBiden – you aren’t setting for Biden. Biden is only a placeholder for the people NOBODY voted for or wants anywhere near the reins of our government. You have been duped. Way to go!

  7. Yeah Biden doesn’t cares about the economy unless his son and himself can create their own personal economy millions from a foreign country. he had 48 years to do something now he has all the cures and fixes your hate for our current president has blinded you and your common sense. If Biden is elected at least he will cure the virus immediately he ran on that!

    1. “The idea is to disparage the source of the information rather than grapple with what the information reveals. This of course has been the media’s posture toward the Post’s reporting from the outset: pay no mind to the laptop or the emails, uniformly referred to as “documents of questionable provenance,” because it all came from Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, and they aren’t trustworthy. Real journalists, you see, only investigate and report on information that’s verified and trustworthy — you know, like the Steele dossier.”

      1. If i had a nickel for every time I’ve heard “this is the bomb shell that will sink trump”, I’d be rich.
        How, how, how can democrat voters have ANY respect for these people?

  8. Yes I did forget about Bush-Gore. Doh! Still comparatively speaking this election is a complete sham!

  9. Nothing has changed since yesterday. We were an occupied people then as we are today. Its just that your perception maybe has changed and now you know it without doubt.

    In 1913 they already had enough power to have Congress hand them ownership of our currency. By JFK the fifth column was so strong that knocking off a rebel president that knew their game was no problem.They have controlled all our “major” politicians since. 2016 was an aberration that slipped through and their best efforts could not end it early. It won’t be repeated.

    They also will infiltrate and stunt any opposition that arises from “right or left”. They believe that as long as they are in every sect they cant lose and they can control anything by foiling the movement and leading its momentum. Look for them they are easy to see. General knowledge of psychopathy and their tactics is all you need.

    They can be beat but only when people can conceptualize treachery on this level. Come of age and take the red pill. Nothing is lost that already wasn’t yesterday. Amateur hour is over, innocence is lost. If you don’t recognize the breadth of the battlefield and forget the false “left/right” chaos they use you are as they say toast.

  10. I can’t be quiet Biden will care about the people instead of the economy. The economy makes this country run and supports those that want to work. He will help the people that refuse to work and expect the government to take care of me from cradle to death. Youth of today have an issue with how things are run in this country not all youth my dear only those that want free free free just look at the looting and riots. Pray you bet, I pray that people like you can truly understand where our country is headed.

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