Locals are resisting Pritzker

By: Diane Benjamin

I have been informed “a bunch” of local restaurants and bars will not close today to in-door dining.

They have attorney Thomas Devore on standby if any level of government attempts to interfere with their rights.

If you are one or know who is open, please comment below. I predict an increase in business.

Devore is the attorney who represented new State Senator Darren Bailey successfully in lawsuits against Pritzker.

13 thoughts on “Locals are resisting Pritzker

  1. Let’s see if the Corna Bros Koos and Renner are dumb enough to pick a fight with these restaurants. The first restaurant to tell either of these dolts to stick their fine where the sun doesn’t shine is going to earn a heck of a lot of future business.

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  2. According to the staff at Times Past Inn in Towanda Plaza in Bloomington, the owner says they are staying open.



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  3. It’s NOT just locals, there’s a LOT of places in the “rural” areas that are staying open also. I have it that the mayor of ElPaso WILL NOT enforce THIS round of BS closures.

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