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By: Diane Benjamin

I wonder how many of the people with sewage in their basements bothered to vote in past local elections. I’m betting many didn’t because turnout is despicable. City Councils are the ones who destroy you the fastest, think Coliseum, BCPA, a never used fire station, and a water tower built to short to use. Those are only the ones I’ve identified, likely there are others.

Add up the total money spent on these wastes of taxpayer dollars and the City could have fabulous roads and a functioning sewer and storm water system that didn’t back up raw sewage in basements. Who gets elected matters, not voting allows the worst people to run your City.

Note: All of the above was brought to you by PROGRESSIVES – regardless of what party they claimed to align with.

Ready to start voting in local elections yet?

I have no faith in people to actually research candidates and then take 5 minutes to cast a ballot. Lines at local elections barely exist. Once you are destroyed it’s too late. See the second video in this story:

Several neighborhoods have created and turned in petitions demanding action. Next election they should find a candidate to run and organize around electing people who believe in funding essential services instead of wish lists.

The City of Bloomington would have a tough time lawfully handing money to people who had significant loses. Public funds have to serve a Public purpose. Writing checks to a few doesn’t benefit the vast. Compassion isn’t a public purpose. See the slide at 1:15:25 for more information.

The latest un-needed project is the $11.7 million water park when all O’Neil needed was a new pool. If I remember right, the basketball courts won’t be replaced until a future phase, the skate park in the plans might be cut for now because construction costs are increasing. The neighborhood kids won’t have FREE activities and paying to get into the water park might not be possible. Brilliant!

Alderman Donna Boelen and Nick Becker questioned the change order costs last night. See 34:07. Ward 5 choose the right guy in the last election! Sheila Montney, new Ward 3 alderman, also chimed in as did Mollie Ward – Ward 7. Of course the project can’t be stopped now.

So what is the City planning to fix the flooding and sewer backup?

See the chart at 1:00:30. Construction of the Colton-Locust CSO will be accelerated. Add up the total cost for phases 3-9. It’s a little fuzzy on my monitor, but I think the total is $21 million. The City spent more than that on the Coliseum. Ignore the City tears.

Jump to 1:03:01. Since completing construction is years away, the City wants to create two detention basins to catch overflow and hopefully eliminate flooding.

Next jump to 1:07:43. The City wants to transfer authority from your elected representatives on a limited basis to the City Manager and Mayor. I see a slippery slope. Ever heard of calling a special meeting Bloomington? The intent is to speed up construction, but cutting the elected out of the process is not the way to do it. Of course it sounds innocent now, how will it sound 5 years from now?

Normally the Mayor doesn’t get a vote. With the vacancy in Ward 6 he may have to break a tie. The Council held an executive session last night labeled “personnel”. Maybe they discussed the candidates. Until someone is appointed Ward 6 has no representation.

Jump to 1:09:54. The City wants to increase funding for overhead sewers and allow residents to pay the 1/3 of the cost over time. They have no idea how many people will want to participate.

Those in need of help need to see the information presented at 1:19:37 and following. Help might be available from sources they don’t know about yet.

Nothing was voted on last night, it was just a presentation. The slide at 1:25:49 shows when action will be brought to the Council.

It looks like the Executive Session lasted over an hour. I wonder how contentious it got? We won’t ever know, minutes from decades ago haven’t been released. Transparency is MIA.

4 thoughts on “The rest of Bloomington

  1. The real issue is the spending on other non fundamental needs. The green new deal programs and projects need to be ended.

    Bloomington citizens are not properly represented at the local level. This is the evidence!

  2. There should be serious concern with Jeff Crabill’s push for direct aid to flood victims using municipal funds.
    This is a precedent that will not end well for city finances.

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