Bloomington last night: Communist vrs American

By: Diane Benjamin

I wonder if all those forced to wear masks want some facts?

Where do local communists come from? Public Schools? College? The history of how many people died and continue to die under communism must not be taught. Maybe this guy just wants everything handed to him instead of being self reliant, of course that might require grooming. Note, he has to read his speech.

Contrast the communist to this lady. It will break your heart listening to her speaking from her heart without notes. She joined other speakers again talking about the June flooding and the damage to their homes. June wasn’t the first flood of sewage:

The rest of what happened will be in the next story.

8 thoughts on “Bloomington last night: Communist vrs American

  1. So sorry, we gotta build a new parking garage for our continuous failing downtown so pay your taxes and shut up. Don’t forget the $11mil water park. And then we have to save for a rainy day, but wait what we mean by a rainy day is, well, er,,,anyway, too bad for you,,,ding, ding, three minutes is up,,,next.

  2. I do not understand. Why does this continue? So many jobs out there that a person can have to pay rent, utilities and so forth but here we are begging the council for more help. I know one person that got over $30k in unemployment. Get off the couch and get back to work. This hand holding crap must stop.

  3. Just a reminder Jamie Mathey is Ward 1 Council representative.. Has anyone heard him advocating for residents of Ward 1 or is it still just downtown Bloomington where his business is? I will say the Pantagraph is very fond of Mathey, that should tell you everything you need to know.

  4. 9 – 10″ of rain in less than 24 hours in B/N probably is a 100 year rain. We’ve had rainfall of lesser amounts (4 – 6″) in a short time period that caused a lot of problems with flooding as well in prior years, which is probably what that lady is referring to. It would be helpful to know what street she lives on or a more specific area where she lives beside Ward 1. If her house is located in a low area, there might not be much that can be done aside from building a deep tunnel system like Chicago has, which would cost millions of dollars. Of course, there would have to be a deep hole like a rock quarry that could hold all of the water as well.

    I live in Ward 1, too, but didn’t have any issues with flooding, aside from some standing water in the backyard, as my house is on the top of a hill. A neighbor down the street from me (and downhill from me) had so much water standing in his backyard, that it was about to come into his walk out basement. He borrowed a sump pump from another neighbor to pump the water into the street, so it would drain into the storm water system.

  5. Hey Blue Springs porta potty, how much is it to deliver a load of crap into the councils front yard? My bad because NOBODY like crap flooding in their homes! Your all a bad joke that nobody can laugh at.

  6. Ya ever notice how “progressives” try to step forward but go several steps backwards at the, the, same, same time?

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