Bloomington Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Meaning it is already a done deal, the Council will hear a presentation on expanding the library:

I bet you didn’t know expanding the library will great a prosperous downtown – just like the Coliseum, the BCPA, resurfacing the roads, Wayfinding signs, the Visitor’s Center, and planters did.

Long time readers know the library doesn’t want to expand for books. They want programs, likely funded by taxpayers, to get people to come. See “appropriate leisure and recreational opportunities”. They aren’t talking about browsing books.

Businesses are failing, people have lost their jobs, but nobody at the City of Bloomington has been affected. Forward!

2 council initiatives are also on the agenda. The Council will decide whether to pursue them.


I doubt this one limits interaction with ICE if crimes are committed by someone here illegally, but we will find out.


Is rent still not being paid too? Everybody needs to provide service for free?

5 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight

  1. Can I get my leaves picked up? Everywhere there are leaves and leaf pickup crews are nowhere to be found? All the residents clean up their yards and move the leaves to the road. And there they sit. Last year it snowed before they picked them up,so all the leaves were frozen in piles everywhere. It was a mess.

    Yup… I don’t care about any of these flaked-out city goals for a future no one can predict. I just want my leaves picked up.

  2. Since retail is already dead and the entire country now prefers to shop from home, I think the best downtown Bloomington can hope for is keeping the buildings from becoming empty fire hazards. At least when the wrecking ball and the Cat Bulldozer demolish downtown Bloomington, they will be pulling down OLD worthless buildings. On the other hand, Normal is going to have very NEW buildings that will soon be worthless. Any bets on which hotel will be empty first? How many student apartments will be abandoned by their owners in the next couple of years? This is going to be fun to watch.

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