WGLT: Don’t believe what you are told

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington has their own Adam Schiff(s). Remember when bug-eyes himself would run to the closest microphone all 4 years of the Trump administration and state “We’ve got him now”. He was lying to the media and they lapped it up.

WGLT is the latest to fall (or volunteer) for the lies of “sources”. Does it make a good story or are they trying to help the radical agenda like the national media did with Shifty Schiff?



Two sources with knowledge of the situation tell WGLT Mwilambwe sought the council’s approval for Levi Champion, one of 10 candidates who filed for the vacancy in August following Jenn Carrillo’s resignation, two years into their term. A majority of the council had indicated support for Champion, according to the sources.

Would those two source be Jeff Crabill and Julie Emig? Crabill leaked an internal email later, so he’s a likely suspect. Emig is quoted in the story so that makes her likely too!

Alderman Donna Boelen corrected the media account Monday night. One candidate never has 5 votes from the Council. Dismiss your “sources with knowledge” in the future WGLT, unless you like being #FakeNews.

The lies were perpetuated even further by two of the socialists (Marxists?) on the McLean County Board. The below was posted to Facebook, it wasn’t really a letter to Mboka, it’s Adam Schiff Part 2. It proves Levi Champion is the last person who should be picked. If your term begins with lies more can be expected.

Repeat a lie often enough and some might believe it. When the ultra far left is pushing one candidate, that’s a clear signal he’s the worst choice possible.








5 thoughts on “WGLT: Don’t believe what you are told

  1. Not surprised at WGLT considering they’re actively pushing racist narratives about the Jelani Day case. They printed a quote from an ISU student suggesting LaSalle/Peru is filled with racists who run black people out at dusk.


    Quote from student Djimon Lewis: “But we have to think about, wow, somebody probably got lynched just 60 miles from here in a sundown town, and we’re still masquerading like this town is safe for Black folks to live in.”

    1. He wasn’t lynched. Get over it.
    2. I lived in LaSalle/Peru for about 8 years, never once saw anything like this punk kid is saying.
    3. Look up who JJ Dickens is, if you aren’t already familiar. A black man playing country music (JJ Dickens and the Barrier Breakers) in a sundown town since the 70’s? How did he do it for decades without being lynched or even ran off?

    I didn’t think a “news” publication could get any worse than the Slantagraph, but WGLT seems to want to slop around in the mud with them. And the worst part is, taxes help spread this nonsense.

  2. Very interesting that the two communists on the McLean County Board made SURE to mention that Levi and his wife “run two businesses in downtown Bloomington.” And what are those businesses? The pieces of the puzzle are all starting to come together. Jamie Mathy v.2.

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