Bloomington Voters:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Elections for Wards 2, 4, 6, and 8 are on the ballot.  Note:

  • Ward 8 does have two candidates even though Travis Wilson was disqualified.  Crabill can’t get any farther left, so you could vote for Wilson.  Tari would then have to appoint his replacement.  If he appoints the loser Crabill, it will prove who Tari is.  Almost anybody would be better.  Of course, Travis should get the appointment!

If you can’t read the pic below, here is the link to the sample ballot:

I know very few of the people running for school boards etc.  District 87 is immaterial since it isn’t contested.  Unit 5 two-year term is also immaterial.  For the 4 year term, Greenberg is the only one who is not on the Board now.  Since Hitchins is the Board Chair, if you want to punish anyone for the massive property tax increase headed your way, he’s the one not to vote for.

For Heartland 6 year-term your vote doesn’t matter.  For the two-year term you have a choice, I suggest Lupe Diaz.

It is both amazing and scary that so few people bothered to run for office and the media is ignoring the election.  Evidently people enjoy being abused by their government.

Don’t complain when you get your Unit 5 property tax bill this year.


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