More proof local elections aren’t non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ISU College Democrats endorsed Jenn Carrillo!

Do you know what the Progressive agenda is?

In short, socialism.  Progressives want to force government to run everything because they do not believe in freedom, liberty, and capitalism.

They want to tell you how your property can be used.  They want higher taxes because their wish list demands more money.  They want to give your money to people who have less.  They want open borders.  They want ICE eliminated and illegals welcome and voting.  I bet soon they will demand a local abortion clinic.  Wait for it.

In short, progressives do not believe in America.  They want to re-shape it how they want it.  The Constitution is immaterial.

Another local progressive, Mike Matejka, was nice enough to tell voters in Normal who they should vote for.  Since Matejka was a YES vote for the Coliseum, he is the guy not to listen to.  He recommends:  McBride, Lorenz, and Shields.

Tell your friends, unless you really want Venezuela here.  Obviously Jenn should be avoided as well.

The ISU College Democrats prove why your kids are at risk at ISU.  Real history isn’t taught.  Neither is the results of what they claim they want.  These kids will never understand that America has been the “shining City on the hill” since its founding.  America worked hard to correct it’s errors and the world has flocked to our shores.  They will never understand government is not the solution – it is the problem.

Since an arm of the Democrat Party is now endorsing candidates in a supposedly non-partisan election, from here on it should be clear local elections are anything but non-partisan. 



20 thoughts on “More proof local elections aren’t non-partisan

      1. I think you need to take the saddle off that 4 year pony. A lot of State Farm people move here for training and about four years later they are promoted and move on. I never see that mentioned, Odd?


    1. Yeah…..long term… in illegal alien, “hiding in plain sight”. (And employed by the YWCA for years–remember that when the United Way folks come around with their hands out.)


  1. Normal at least has choices this time around, unlike most of Bloomington.
    You already posted an article about the three Socialists.
    Matejka endorsed the ‘status quo’ slate. Spending, Debt, Working for the Politically Connected, and Ignoring the Citizens of Normal. I’m guessing that would be considered Democrat since ‘Socialist’ is already taken.

    Stan Nord, Karl Sila (write-in), and Karyn Smith are the only fiscally responsible candidates. I would say that makes them Republican, but a lot of Republicans are pro-big-government anymore. I would say Libertarian but I know Karyn is running in part to make sure spending on special needs individuals isn’t cut. And they aren’t previously associated like the others, just three somewhat-like-minded citizens who don’t want to see Normal continue to follow Bloomington down the path to becoming another leftist ‘success story’ like Detroit or Venezuela.

    Please get the word out! In two elections, either Bloomington or Normal could be well on their way to recovery. Another few elections and they’ll be lost causes. (And they might already be, but we should still support those who haven’t given up yet!)


  2. I CANNOT even justify reading this kind of BS! Sorry…
    This “woman” should be sent somewhere else to spread her message of spite!!
    Gulag comes to mind..


  3. All of this is basically being done at taxpayers expense. How many of these kids even reside in Bloomington ?
    Is any of our filthy rich governor’s money in this ? The Democrats have not had power in McLean County since FDR was first elected. These quasi-democrats now have some power, and they have no idea of an ethical approach to using it.


  4. Someone from RC McBride’s campaign rang my doorbell at 8:15 am. I wasn’t home. My wife was in bed at the time. They then put a sign in our yard without permission. It was there for three hours until I got home for lunch. I am hopping mad. He didn’t have my vote anyway but that is a bunch of bs.


  5. Most of the students leave the area after school is over. They support and vote for candidates that champion more tax money to be spent on things for them to do, and then ultimately leave us suckers with the bill. Their interests are completely self-serving and absent any consequences.

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  6. HEY BEAN!! SOME of us STAY here, although I liked it BETTER in the days when Republicans ran the city, Walt Bittner was mayor, the downtown didn’t need ANY help from any dumb ole mayor or council, economic development meant you had “extra” money to spend at Fannie Mays, and Woolworths served up a killer milkshake! And ole John Baldini was the only Democrat within ear shot-but he was a REAL gentleman about it, and IF he knew you were a Republican, then he wouldn’t talk politics, but chew your ear off about something humorous..
    And you could ride a bicycle in the streets without a helmet without fear of hitting a pothole or getting robbed…

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  7. Keep in mind the ISU College Democrats are irrelevant. They’re a small group and for some reason, have a loud voice. It’s people like that, the small groups with loud voices, that give higher education a bad name. Most of us who work in it, and students who attend, do not lean this far to the left, or the right.


      1. In a local election five volunteers can make a difference, ten or fifteen can get just about anybody elected. Hands on keyboards are the new boots on the ground.
        There were always more elected Republicans in the Lucca than elected Democrats, except in the morning before it opened.


    1. they are relevant,that’s the problem. they are not a small group. go around campus and you can see the liberal influence by the campaign signs . and even though they do not technically live here, do not pay property taxes they, like the illegals and the dead get to vote in illinois.


  8. ISU students are supporting local liberals ? The majority of the ISU idiots are not residents so how can they vote in local elections? I know in ILLINOIS even the dead vote .


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