More on the Coliseum LOSS

By:  Diane Benjamin

On September 16, 2019 VenuWorks presented THEIR report to the Council.  We know now the report was fictitious.  The audited loss is much higher, VenuWorks should only be allowed to present audited financial statements in the future.

11:45 – Kimberly Bray thanked Lynn Cannon for everything contributed and the fantastic loss numbers – only $3.46 per citizen.  Is somebody going to tell her that number is also factitious?  Bray thinks the Quality of Life is worth it and citizens will quit complaining about the Coliseum.  Mboka Mwilambwe also praised her for the great numbers and improved operations.  Donna Boelen followed mentioning the bond payments aren’t included in the loss.

The meeting below can only be called  a concerted effort to deceive citizens.  We have a decade of history saying audited losses are always much higher than original reports.  

Lynn Cannon should be called back before the Council to present the REAL loss – almost $500,000.  Don’t hold your breath folks, it won’t happen.  Your City leaders are thrilled some people (and media) fell for what was said.

Alderman Bray:  Nobody is changing their mind because the lies just keep coming.  

How many other times are taxpayers deceived?

If the City allowed these misrepresentation of facts, what others do they allow?

Trust is earned!  It’s presentations like this that blow it!

I will continue to remind people who voted for this disaster:


VenuWorks was first on the agenda – 3:15

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